So…The Benevolent Undies story was written first, and they'll soon appear in a story I've already written but the Evil Undies was inspired by a D&D compilation Video on YouTube

Before we resume the tale of our heroine, I must inform of a certain something on the Wrangler Planet of Viola Strierra (Where Shale and her family will be headed very shortly) that thing was a pair of underpants, not fancy underpants, an average pair of Tighty-Whities.

Many millennia ago, on Earth before the Great Catastrophe, an old and wise benevolent Sorcerer, knowing he was soon to die but also knowing the world still needed his wisdom, placed a small bit of his soul in a pair of white cotton briefs in his underwear drawer , the one place he knew his enemies would never suspect, not with all the fantastical artifacts and treasures he had in his house! Many years later that Sorcerer's underpants would be found by someone, you will hear that story some other time, this is not the story of the benevolent sorcerer's underpants; this is the tale of an evil pair of underpants, possessed by a demon! Many years ago on Planet Viola Strierra there was a battle between a Mage and a Demon, the Mage wasn't strong enough to completely exorcise the Demon, she could only trap it in an inanimate object, and the nearest handy object was a pair of white cotton briefs, which during her lifetime, The Mage kept under lock and key in a gold and oak treasure chest, she kept under the floorboards of her bedroom, when the Mage died, she had revealed to no one the existence of the Demon Underpants, she feared her Fellow Humans would not be able to resist them!

And so for many years the underpants stayed in that chest under the floorboards, just waiting to be discovered…