Hereby I thank the stars

For writing my history so far

It may not be the prettiest one

But it's more than I could've asked


A life full of adventure

And more than enough reasons why

Chaos both in and out of my mind

The dream of every swordsman around


A damsel in distress

That hides under my own flesh

A sword that's part of my soul

And a prayer beyond my power


A light so dark that I'm blinded

A scream so rough that sounds so quiet

Strength means nothing if I'm on my own

But it's so easy to love being alone


The air plays with the rumors of the last fight

For knights whose blood means promise

Cats run undercover for the moonlight

Or anyone to take the bed next to the roses


There is a reason behind each word

And a secret behind every look

But tears are all the same for us

I wonder if this can be called home


For all the details lost in a momentum of lies

And for every soul that payed our ominous price

Misplaced the key that we set for the door to regrets

Here's to finding a simple way out of this lovely maze


A morning when the sky shall fall over

A beautiful fall for us the loyal lovers

Us the dreamy keepers of truth

Those who corrupt kindness with no proof


At night when the light refuses to turn off

The moment you scream a question you don't know

Are you the evil hero?

Are you the chaotic evil?


It would come to you as a wish on a bottle

Tricky but always full of hope

You are no hero, you possess no love

You are only a knight to serve in eternal battle


"The best weapon for the best warrior" they say

It calls for a tragedy epic, one for which I pray

My sword is no more than a lost item from home

Not even mine and yet the most trusted on its own


Now I lie after my unexpected last fight

No regrets nor something to leave behind

Nothing whispering my so desperate wish

Anything that says "remember I was here"


Now I lie after my desired last combat

Try not to shake as I naturally flash a smile

Think of no mercy, for I know it'll be denied

Sword in hand, I ask for nothing more

It has been the best dream of a swordsman after all