There aren't too many ways to gather supplies post catalysts. The main way we get our supplies here in the Sprawl is through the cooperation of the 3 zones. Our process begins in the AG zone where not only your food is grown but also things such as cotton, silk, and wood are gathered and prepared for future use. 15% of the goods will be sent to you, the people of the Sprawl, to be used as you see fit. The remaining 85% of the AG zone's raw organic materials are then sent to the Mundane factories; to be processed into more complex goods such as clothing, pre-payed for building materials, and furniture. Any buildings you see that aren't made of pure metal have this process to thank. As for the minerals and metals used, we gather them from beneath the Mundane's 10th and final floor. Anyone is allowed to gather the supplies they mine from down there for a small fee per pound. Afterward, you may put in a request for a Research team member to pick up your metal ores and bring it to the RD's foundry where it will be processed into the metal you need, for another small fee of course. The RD can also turn that metal into anything needed such as nails, bolts, or physical tools. Any other materials we cant produce down here, such as Old-World tech, is bravely recovered from nearby cities by the most elite of the RD zone, our beloved recon team. Survival in the Sprawl requires a perfect balance between the zones, and we are thankful for your participation in that process. Blessed are those who aid in our survival. Blessed are you who inhabit the Sprawl.

-Data restricted: Password accepted-

On the note of RD recon teams, success has been harder and harder to come across. It started with the first Informant and has become critical by my 'rule.' Out of the seven teams of four, I sent out over the last two weeks, four and a half teams came back. Ten dead in two weeks. The teams that make it back are reporting more injuries and fewer supplies than in the past. On top of that, they tell me that the Strains are getting reckless and desperate. I'm afraid we might have reached a tipping point where I need to completely reseal off the surface once again. I will do what I must, to assure as many people survive as possible, though as the Informant before me, I'm afraid to do it.

-The Informant