Chapter 1: Triad

I've been hallowed and everything that has happened to me until this point has changed me into this, a hallow nymph, part fairy, part vampire. I was bitten by my star, my good friend Liam. We've been through alot and we are close now. Everything is good with everyone, except one person, who I sadly had to let go. My story is ending, but it's also a new beginning. I've become so powerful, you don't even know. This is my story and the Triad is where it all started. I met this human, who has been a huge part of my life and my awakening. Matt Hall.

I was dying and I fell into a dark dream, that led me to the past, to relive what I had, all the moments I've shared with special people. Iw as drifting into a dark place aftering becoming undead. A part of me died, but I'm not about to tell you that yet. I just want to go back to Swallowtail and see Matt again, the old Matt that loved me, that helped me grow. He is a different person now, but we are still close friends I think, even though it's not the same anymore. We are not as close as we once were. We have been through alot and this is where it started. The Triad compound...

I sat in the empty lot where the old cabin used to be, looking down into the channel. This is where we sat for the first time, after meeting him at that club, it's gone now. It was here with him and Randy. Randy is gone now, but we had great times together. It turns out, Randy was just an illusion of Matt's friendship, he wasn't real. Back then, Matt had no real friends, so he made him and Nate and now Matt has many friends and it's great. I wish we could have our time together again, but he will never cuddle me again. It was this day, my joy started. He took me to the planetarium and from there I fell in love and things were great. We went on many adventures, making love wherever we could. In the magic cave at Viper, up in the clouds, in a pyramid and at home in Kermit's shower. Kermit was our fearless leader and great pilot. We went flying alot at the compound. I remember Matt's helicopter, flying above the Blake Sea. Those were such fun times. He made my heart soar. But, things were not always good. When Ciel came along, there was chaos, manipulation, hurt, feeling left out. He destroyed us. But, I stayed strong and eventually I got Matt back. They still talk, but I'm at peace with it now. Ciel doesn't both me and Matt knows what he's doing, if he wants to deal with him, that's his own problem now, not mine. I'm not attached anymore. I wish we could have lasted, we had so much fun in the Triad days, hanging out with Kermit and the brothers. But, things always change.

I looked over the channel to the cottage, a place that Matt gave me to live. I lived there with Randy, Pablo and Nate. I don't talk to Pablo anymore either, he really did turn out do deranged and held on to some strange thing that happened in the past, just like another villain I know that holds grudges. Blob helped during the time Matt was with Ciel, but he turned out to be evil, so I rather not talk about that anymore, he is dead. I fly over to the cottage as visions of fire cloud my mind. This place is long dead now. I can still feel the flames from that time ago. So many memories just burned away. I just stood there, watching it burn, watching the cove just burn down. All the good times we've had here are gone. I miss this place, but I can never return. I want to come back and start over with Matt and maybe do things differently, so our special bond won't be broken this time. As I watched I saw Matt walk through the flames, staring at me. The Matt that I loved, with his long brown hair, slender muscular build, beautiful smile, kind eyes. My angel. I saw faint blue wings appear on his back. He held his hands togeher as a sword manifested in front of him. He looked like the statue we have in the garden, the statue of the guardian angel warrior, the one that protected my heart and also broke my heart. But, I wouldn't be this strong without him, without his love, his guidance and his grace. He really truly changed me. I miss this time. The Triad brothers, forever in my heart. I wonder what Jim is doing these days, is Viper still on?