Chapter 7: Magic Boy

I looked around my empty house, only to be reminded of Rhys, my brownie who turned out to be stale and full of it. He was never around anymore and it was just not working. I ended it because I deserved better. I deserved someone who would actually be around for me and truly love me, not some needy person who was only in love with the idea of having a husband, and not really me. Even though we did have some good times together, it went far too fast and we weren't even close friends before becoming more. I rather be with someone who is my best friend, like Travis, like Liam, like Matt. But, I did get closer with Travis and Bayani during this time, we made a bond that will last more then me and Rhys did. They are still my best friend and I love them to death.

I left the house and took a walk in the countryside, a special place where I used to go with Bay, Travis and Rhys. So many good times, memories, love. I can't believe this is over too. Why are things always so temporary? I wandered deeper into the forest and found the cave that we always went to. I walked through the dark tunnel as I saw the lit candles within and there at the back of the cave was the bed, with white sheets and round frame. It was a place only for light and love, an angelic space for only those worthy of it. I sat in the center and closed my eyes. All I ever wanted was the love of a best friend. Someone to truly be with forever, wrapped in joy, protected by the darkness of the cruel world. Just then, I felt you both, holding me. I was in the middle as my guardians were with me. Travis and Bayani, both looking at me with that look in their eyes, the look of passion and everything good. I smiled at them, kissed them both as we all lay there together. "I love you, Jed." Travis said. "Love you." Said Bayani as their arms were both across my chest. We were all naked, surrounded by pink flames. In was heavenly as we all took in each other and felt the comfort of this friendship, this light I so longed to find. I was finally happy. I know there would be other struggles in the future, but with great guys like them, we can overcome them no problem.

Just then, a vision of Rhys entered our sanctum. I could feel a dark presence, a jealousy like no other. This was it, the final confrontation. The light grew too strong and the shadows came upon us. With no hesitation, Travis and Bay leaped up as their armor magically appeared around their bodies to protect me. They protected me from this hurt, this terrible person who just left me. "Jed!" Travis shouted. I got up and my pink robe formed around me in the wake of my pink flames going down my body. "Rhys! What do you want?" I asked. "So, this is what you were doing behind my back!" He shouted. "It's all in good fun and love, that's what we are, doesn't changed how I would feel about you, or anyone." I said. Not another word was said as Rhys blasted a powerful ice beam at us. Travis took the lead as he blocked it with a shield, the ice bouncing off of it. Bay jumped forward to strike with his daggers, but Rhys teleported away, leaving behind a burst of water, pushing Bay backwards to his knees. "Fuck!" Bay shouted. "Too slow, Bay." Rhys said, as he summoned an icicle above to come down on him. "Get out!" Rhys screamed. Travis rushed to his side and knelt down with his shield over his head to smash the icicle. Now was my chance to act. I hurled a pink fireball at Rhys as it singed his upper body. "The pink flame only harms evil..." I said as I stepped forward, throwing more pink flames at my former husband, the pathetic, weak Rhys McKenzy. "I hate you, Rhys... You fucking left me, like I was nothing! I hate being treated like nothing! I have felt alone enough!" I shouted, throwing fireball after fireball at him, tearing him, down, melting his ice into nothing but a washed up wizard. He was just a puddle on the floor now, as his magic faded and ice melted. "Fuck you..." I said, standing over the puddle of Rhys. "Jed..." Travis said, as he came behind me. "It's over now..." He said. I sighed as I looked back at Bay, who was sitting in the bed again. I embraced Travis and cried for a moment, letting go of another era that has passed. I was lucky to have them, the greatest best friends at my side. I love them so much... "Come..." Bayani said, we all snuggled and made love in the cave that night.