"It was quiet in the alley. The day had ebbed into twilight, then faded into

inky blackness. A whiskered nose appeared From a small unnoticed hole

at the base of the wall behind the dumpster. The snout was followed by two glinting eyes that darted warily from side to side. Looking for danger.

There was none. Silence reigned. Slowly, Rattie padded out. His ears twitched

and the whiskered quivered. But gradually he sensed it was safe. Now he began to search for food. Sniffing around the dumpster. He found several tasty morsals

Discarded by the big two legs that ruled the day. His hunger satisfied Rattie set off to explore his domain. Then he froze. A strange aroma drifted on the wind.

A hint of something harmful. The moon came out from behind a cloud and

cast an ominous shadow. Rattie's heart thudded in his chest. He knew the shape

Looking up he saw the sinister green, unblinking eyes. That were fixed upon him

The cat crouched, it's hind quarters quivered. Rattie back away Taking shelter

behind a discarded can. But the cat had his scent and was stalking him. Rattie decided to risk it. He scuttled from his hiding place. The cat saw him and pounced. Rattie felt it's claws brush his tail. But then he was free and running. The Alley was close. His home, his nest, a single breath away. The cat was chasing him again. He could make it. Rattie could see the dark inviting cavern that signalled safety. He fled within and down. The cat's paw followed striking out at the muddy walls But she snatched at air. Rattie was safe. Deeper he scurried far from the scratching, catching talons."