Chicago, Illinois


"Boss, we're here."

Having dozed off the moment he left the mansion, Lunaire Nottur had to rustle himself awake from his extremely short nap. The mob son, dressed in a black Armani suit with only a gold tie to add color to his appearance, his naturally spiky black hair and stern expression made him look slightly intimidating despite being just shy of twenty years old.

He had to be serious though, as his upcoming meeting was going to be a doozy, to say the least.

Sitting up straight in the backseat of his father's Bentley Lunaire straightened his jacket and fixed his tie. "I assume my guest is already waiting?"

"Guests, sir," corrected a short haired blonde woman in a black suit of her own. "Twin ladies sent by Richie Pericotti."

Lunaire sighed, "Another peace offering, no doubt." The young man reached into the pocket of his jacket and felt a metal object the size of a hockey puck but much heavier weighing him down. He also found what he was looking for next to it, which happened to be a mint candy. He wasn't looking forward to this meeting arranged by Pericotti but he decided to humor the pudgy bastard for once.

The woman in the passenger's seat spoke, "Not a fan of Mr Pericotti, sir?"

The big man who was driving the car, Gunnar, cleared his throat as the car came to a stop in front of the Nottur family restaurant. Well, one of them in the Windy City, that is. There were at least three others around town but the one that Lunaire had chosen was his favorite for very personal reasons.

The car engine was left on as Gunnar got out of the car first followed by Astrid who ended up opening Lunaire's door for him. The weather tonight was cold but the young man wasn't feeling it. He had enough fortitude to where it wouldn't bother him.

Lunaire got out of the car and Astrid closed the door behind him. "So boss, how are we going to proceed tonight?"

That was a usual question given by the rookie bodyguard for the mob son. He cleared his throat. "Since this is just a courtesy call I don't expect it to not take very long. Both of you can stay out here until I am ready to leave."

"You sure, Lunaire? Stuff can happen when you least expect it."

Gunnar's concern was well intended. Being in his position Lunaire had a great share of enemies and many didn't waste the chance to try and pop his head off.

Yet Lunaire was fearless and felt that showing he wasn't afraid would cause his enemies to think twice about trying to kill him. Still if that alone didn't persuade them from testing the dangerous waters, he always had his secret weapon. "I'll handle this one tonight. Just make sure my getaway is ready in case shit hits the fan, capice?"

Gunnar gave his boss a thumbs up and leaned his massive frame on the passenger's door. Astrid nodded once, knowing that arguing with her boss was a lost cause to begin with and so she didn't see a point in trying.

"We'll be here, boss. Have a good time," was all she needed to say.

Lunaire took for the door in a walk that exuded a show of arrogance, to let people know not to mess with him as he made his way to his favorite table. There, in a far off corner of the dinning room, was a small white table with two gorgeous looking brunettes sitting at it. They noticed the young man approach and both brought fake smiles to their faces. The kind where they didn't want to be there and were probably forced at gun point to do so. That was not a figure of speech either.

Still, Lunaire knew that they were meant more as a gesture than a literal peace deal. He could play that game tit for tat as he put on a fake smile of his own. "Ladies, sorry if I am late."

As he took a seat, the two women exchanged playful glances. The taller of the two who wore a gold loose fitting cocktail dress. Her sister wore one similar such dress but it only covered enough to hide whatever she didn't want to hide. "That is fine, Mr. Nottur. Thank you for some of your precious time for us."

"Time is what I have for the sake of my family," he called for someone to serve him champagne, fresh from the wine cellar. Part of his father's private collection. "So, let's talk-"

For a moment Lunaire thought he had seen a glint shine off one of the woman, but he quickly realized that was not the case. The same shine came from beyond the window the two women sat in front of.

Then as he tried to figure out what was going on, he gasped. "Look out!"

That was when a crash shook the entire room if not the building. The window crashed, sending glass flying as a large white object came through and drove through the twins and the table like a freight train. It would have taken Lunaire as well but in a life of dodging hits and bullets he reflexively moved out of the way just in time.

All hell broke loose after that with people screaming for their lives, and fire alarms blaring. Despite avoiding the collision Lunaire was still knocked for a loop and was sprawled out on the carpet trying to gather himself. His black jacket had been torn on his left shoulder but otherwise he was unharmed. The twins hadn't been so lucky, as both of them were lying broken and dead against a nearby wall. Lunaire grimaced, feeling a bit unnerved at their deaths.

"The hell was that?" He looked up and saw what turned out to be a tall human shaped something standing over him. It looked like a set of living armor made of bone and looked intimidating.

Turning its head the armor peered down at Lunaire and its eyes flashed bright yellow for a mere second before he took a step forward.

Then the sound of gunfire filled the air as Thompson machine guns and pistols from the employees of the restaurant opened fire on the monster. Waitresses and waiters, Donnie the Doorman from the register desk, Gunnar and Astrid after they came from outside, and even the cook got weapons and shot at the creature. Hitting it wasn't the problem but the bullets merely bounced off of its tough hide like metal.

Astrid ran out of bullets for her pistol and so went to retrieve her boss. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled. "Lunaire! Come on!"

Not wanting to ask anything, Lunaire and his two guards made it outside and he was pushed through the open door of the car. Gunnar had heard the crash before and left the door open for a quick escape.

"Gunnar get us the hell outta here!" Yelled Lunaire as Astrid climbed into the passenger seat. The big man was way ahead of his boss as he fit his massive self into the driver's seat and started the car.

No time for seat belts or anything as Gunnar got the car in gear and stomped on the gas.

He did it just in time for the monster to literally crash through the entrance to the restaurant. It seemed to be in a mad dash after the trio.

Lunaire took off his torn jacket and tie as Astrid tried to reload her pistol with shaking hands, as well as trying to look out the back window to see the monster far down the street. "Damn it..."

Astrid finished putting the bullets in her pistol and tried to gather her composure. Needless to say everything had happened so fast that she was having trouble processing it all.

They bobbed and weaved past other cars and pedestrians at over forty miles an hour. Lunaire took the metal puck out of his jacket pocket and held it in his right hand. 'I might have to end up using this after all...though not in the way I expected it to.' The mob son turned to look out the back window.

He was shocked to see the monster running after them. Going like a marathon runner on the Olympics track, it easily got within arm's reach of the car! 'That thing is fast!'

Before he could even figure out what to do next the thing managed to hop onto the car. Punching a massive fist through the leather canopy of the Bentley before tearing a large hole in it.

Astrid fired her gun at point blank range to defend her boss and was shouting in adrenaline fueled rage.

Then a long sharp blade went through its chest, courtesy of Lunaire. The metal puck he had been holding onto had changed into the blade, and it was thanks to the special ability of the Nottur family that he was able to fight back.

Never before have I been so glad to do metal morphing, thought Lunaire as he heard the creature groan as if in pain.

But that was only just for a moment before the creature grabbed Lunaire by the shoulder and lifted him out of the car.

Lunaire heard Astrid shout his name before Gunnar did the same. He was too focused on the metal sword stuck into the beast's chest. He grabbed onto the handle and twisted it, forcing as much of his own strength into it. It worked to where he pushed it off balance and both of them fell off the speeding car.

They crashed and rolled down the street, but it didn't go too well for Lunaire as he was held to the ground by one of its massive hands once they stopped.

Being pressed down to the ground, unable to move, Lunaire saw the creature pull back its other massive fist, ready to deliver a killing blow. Lunaire stretched out his arms as if asking for his demise.

Yet that was not what happened. Concentrating his mind into the far sides of the street he managed to pull metal from the man hole cover, cars lining the streets and even the fronts of shops. Anything that had a sizable amount of metal was pulled towards the two as if by a strong magnet when he brought his arms together. That wasn't all that happened though as before they reached their target all the pieces sharpened to a point so they easily pierced the armor of the creature when they flew into it.

The sudden piercing made it lose its grip on Lunaire and he scurried from under it and got to his feet.

"Never mess with me, sucker," said the boss as he pulled his sword from the monster. He morphed it back into the puck it had originally been. He hated using this power so unconventionally but desperate times you know.

He heard the screeching of tires as the Bentley came to a stop behind him. Gunnar got out of the car while Astrid was out before it came to a halt. "Boss! you alright?" She held out her pistol, still in a shaky hand, but Lunaire didn't blame her. She saw the pin cushion the monster had become and had a look of shock and uncertainty. She knew Lunaire could do this but it was rare she had seen it for herself.

Gunnar got a Thompson out and the safety was surely off. "That thing dead?"

Dusting off his sleeves Lunaire approached the creature. It hadn't moved since his last attack. "I hope so-" He raised his hand towards its head to find out-then he drew his hand back when the thing flinched. Astrid and Gunnar raised their weapons, but with their boss directly in front of them they didn't pull the trigger. Yet.


'Target? Did that mean me?' Lunaire saw a white light beginning to pulsate in its chest, right where a gash was from where he had stabbed it earlier. Something in his chest feared what was going to happen next.


Gasping as a level of fear suddenly overcame him Lunaire turned back to his guards, "Get back-"

They fell back as the light grew to a point where it was blinding. It was like the sun exploded even though it was the dead of night. The light blinded the guards and they stumbled backward.

Lunaire brought his arm up to cover his eyes, and then the world went white.

And when the light dissipated, both the mob son and the monster had vanished as if into thin air.