This poem is dedicated to the universe, and everyone else who tried to destroy me. Consider it not poetry, but a giant middle finger. :)


Wouldn't it be nice to fly?

Leave it all behind, say goodbye

Pain would follow me no more

Wouldn't it be nice to soar?


I crave the wind rushing through my hair

Bursting through clouds, breathing frigid air

I crave the freedom that flying would bring

My wishes were heard; you gave me wings


Awestruck, I flew, not hearing you strike the matches

Shocked when knocked from the sky and burned to ashes

You destroyed me, but what you don't comprehend-

I am a phoenix, I will live again.

I'm going to be doing a thing where I cite resources that helped me and/or can really help other people. 'Cause not everyone is aware of these resources but they can be life saving. We're all here on a poetry/writing website, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say everyone here likes words; they can connect us in really incredible ways, and song lyrics are no exception. Here are some songs that have helped me through a lot- they're all on Spotify.

Phoenix, Olivia Holt. Flowers on the Grave, The Maine. Monsters and Fairies, Savannah. Gravel to Tempo, Hayley Kiyoko. And, the song that I have literally listened to on repeat through some of my worst days, You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen.

Drink some water. Eat some food. Society is not going to collapse if you take care of yourself. -Simone.