Fake News Reports!

Despite The Record Number Of Actors Of Color Who Were Nominated, Racist Hollywood Made Sure That Not One Went Home With An Emmy!

"And we didn't vote for Larry Elder, either."

Seth Rogan Created A Bit Of A Stir At The Emmys When He...



Aurora James, The Designer Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Very Expensive "Tax The Rich" 2021 Met Gala Dress, Is Rich And Hasn't Paid Her Taxes!

"By 'tax the rich,' I meant you, not me."

Spoken like a true socialist.

MSNBC's Joy Reid On Her Show "The ReidOut"Accuses The Racist News Media Of "Missing White Women Syndrome" Concerning Their Coverage Of Gabby Petito As Opposed To Missing Black Women!

Excuse me, Joy, aren't YOU the media?

"So what's your point?"

Joe Biden Addresses The United Nations General Assembly And… And…

Aw, geez.

There he goes again.


David Simon, Creator Of HBO's Gritty "The Wire," Refuses To Film Any Future Projects In Texas Because Of The State's New Abortion Law!

"You think I want to pay all that child support?"

MSNBC News Anchor Joy Reid Criticizes The Racist News Media For Ignoring Missing Black Women While Obsessing On Missing White Women!

What about the 1000s of blacks shot or killed every year in Chicago?

"What does THAT have to do with anything?"

Disgraced Former NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Is Trending On Twitter!

What's he lying about now?

At The United Nations' General Assembly, World Leaders Come To A Consensus On Climate Change!

"Yes," they all agreed. "The United States should give us more money."

The K-Pop Boy Band BTS Addressed The United Nations General Assembly And Performed Their Song "Permission To Dance" Because…

Aw, who am I kidding?

There's no joke I can make that's more ridiculous than that.

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