He stared up to the night starry sky.

Every star shining brightly so very far away.

She was so very far away.

He had dreamt of her, her dark blue eyes and tanned soft skin.

He dreamt of her, calling to him... thousands of light-years away. Light years so long they'd take a million years just to reach her.

Another time, another place.

He had a daughter and pointed up to the night sky, pointing to the glowing planet so far away in the galaxy.

"You see that, sweetie." He said to her, "That's where she hides."

"Who papa...?" His young daughter asked, intrigued.

"The girl of my dreams."


She could feel him watching her, calling out to her in her soul. A man so far away yet still able to feel and grasp as if he was only next to her.

She looked at the bright blue dot in the distance and pulled her brother over to her, pointing at it.

"Look! There!" She told him, and he crooked his eyebrow up confused.

"Who, sis?"

"The man who watches me from the past."


She smiled sadly to her brother and explained what she meant. "That planet we are seeing is from a time long ago, like a memory of the past."

"A physical memory..." He uttered, trying to make sense of it.

"Yes... the homeworld before it was lost to destruction."

"It's like it's still there."

"A physical memory." They both whispered to one another.


"I can't reach her, no matter how hard I try..." The man said to his daughter, pointing at the glowing planet with his telescope, "And even if I could... I'd have to wait a million years just to reach her."

"But she calls me in my dreams."

His daughter grew up listening to his dreams and stories. She told her own daughter her father's belief and each generation it was past down... until humankind vanished from the earth and looked for new homes.

They travelled for years and years... generations coming and passing on the ships that took them to new safe planets.

Her father's name had been passed down to each generation and one day the descendent of that family from millions of years ago sat at her window at night, looking at the blue star from long ago.

She was only a child... but her heart yearned to know who called her heart.

Someone from the past... someone in her dreams.

As she stood watching the stars with her brother, she whispered, "I know him... somehow... some way."

"He's gone, sis." Her brother told her, and she closed her eyes, a teardrop slipping down. He left her and she just watched the dark night starry sky.

She looked at the long-ago past and waved gently to the man she knew she'd never know.


The man looked at the glowing planet from so far away but felt the urge to wave to the girl so distant she could only be reached in dreams.

And she waved back in that instant, the timeline joining together, whispering, "Goodbye, my very great grandfather..." She smiled gently and waved at the past.

"Thank you for my life."