The Christmas tree stood there, sparkling for the whole world to see. People gathered around it, putting wrapped up presents just at its trunk.

"The tree looks lovely!" The mother said, touching it's brittle needle leaves.

"Yes, a truly magnificent one we have this year."

The tree listened to them, gasping for air itself as it had lost it's home in the ground. It had lost its life source.

It used to draw freshwater into itself, it was only ten years old when it witnessed its family and friends getting chopped down and thrown into the back of vans.

The tree wanted to yell for help, for someone to stop the carnage. It wanted to say goodbye to its loved ones. But it was too late, the axe was already slicing through its trunk.

It lost its bearing and fell down to the ground. It could feel the agony, as it was tossed into the trunk and brought to a Christmas tree yard.

It felt itself being straightened up next to other trees that had lost their homes and family.

They watched as people, consumers came into the yard and explored the different trees for the perfect one to fit their family home.

It stood there only for a few hours when a man came over to it and felt its thick bushy branches, calling out to the shop keeper and asking the price.

"100 for that tree."

"Done." The man said eagerly and the tree was tied up with ropes, being thrown into his cart.

He lifted it up into the living room, the air warm from the blazing fire, and soon the tree was covered with lights and decorations.

"The tree looks lovely!" The mother said.

"Yes," Her husband agreed, "A truly magnificent one we have this year."

The tree saw a little girl approach it and stand at its trunk, feeling its dry wood. She looked upset, her eyes watering as she asked her father.

"Is it in pain...?"

"What?" He laughed off, "Of course not, it doesn't feel."

She shook her head in disagreement, and moved her little hands through the tree's leaves, whispering, "Thank you for giving your life for us."

"Honey, why are you talking to it? The tree isn't alive."

The tree hated that man. It could feel the warm hands of the child, and she hugged it with a soft embrace.

"Thank you..."

It stayed there for two weeks, during the festivities and new years. It could feel its life fading away slowly as it's pine needle foliage slowly lost its colour and turned brown and brittle.

Soon it was taken down and thrown next to the bin to be hurled to the dump.

As it lay there it thought over its life... and how it had ended just for others to enjoy their holidays.

The little girl came out a day later, and looked at the brown withered tree... dead at last and put out of its pain and misery.

"I'm sorry you didn't have a merry Christmas." She told it, and touched its dead leaves, "But you gave us a wonderful one..."

The garbage truck pulled up on the curb and a worker picked up the tree throwing it in.

"Be gentle with it." The girl begged the man.

"Why? Christmas is over..."

"That's right..." She said quietly to herself, "And the world returns to normal..."

The truck pulled out and left. The girl went inside.

The tree was never seen again after that girl's goodbye.

The world returned to normal...