Out On The Front Lines

Wiki Hawaii...

Colonel Hollis Mann retired was reading a story in the newspapers while her husband Jake was working at the Embassy hospital for the past 15 years. He was supposed to be home soon after finishing up rounds.

The article she was reading was about the death of the terrorist Jose Juan Hernandez shot by NCIS agents Director Leon Vance and Special Agent Timothy McGee in Somalia, Paraguay and in the meantime Special Leroy Jethro Gibbs was found partially alive after being tortured.

NCIS and the marines sent in on a operation from the DOD, SECNAV and NCIS were able to rescue Special Agent Gibbs and slave women having to been sold on the black market and any babies born.

Colonel Hollis Mann couldn't believed what she was reading that the article saying that he was partially alive and with his wife Lt. Loreile Baskins Gibbs waiting at home for his return. Doctor Cyril Taft and another specialist was along with the team and the marines able to stable the agent until he was able to be strong enough to be transported back to the states and Bethesda, hospital.

It's been eight years since the last time she had seen him with there relationship civil working on a case together. She needed closure to say finally good bye to him and she needed to convince her husband with taking a trip to Washington,

She was currently on three week leave from her work at the DOD and her boss had agreed she needed the time off after working on several cases to finally close them. Even her husband was glad in a big way with taking a toll on her physically and mentally.

Reading the Hawaiian local newspaper in the bedroom. She had heard the front door opened with her husband Jake walking in with dropping his keys into the silver container as with his wallet and other items. He had a feeling that his wife of ten years was in the bedroom asleep. However when he walked in she was awake reading with her bifocals on her bridge of the nose.

"Hey! What's up?" He said with moving over to her with a serious look on her expression knowing that something must of happened.

"Plenty Jake. I am sorry can you read this article before you make an comment on the subject matter." She hands him the newspaper article into his hand as he sits down at the edge of the bed.

She stayed quiet knowing her husband really well for when it comes to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. She was able to see him reading contently with every word.

After a moment he lifted his grey hair head to look into her pained eyes. "You want to go to the states and say your goodbye to Gibbs?" He said with lifting her head with a smooch to her lips.

"I do Jake. From the article the reporter said that he was injured badly after being tortured in Paraguay. Since I am already on a three week leave from the DOD. I will call the airport to get a flight on American Airlines to Dulles Airport and Bethesda, hospital. I will work on getting a hotel room afterwards Jake.

"You go pack while I call the airlines. I know that you still have feelings for the man. I have known for years. But you made the right decision with leaving him and his dark void Hollis." Jake knew his wife really well for when it comes to her past and her work with the DOD.

"Thank you, Jake." She had gotten off the bed to pull out her suitcases and other essentials she was going be needing for the trip...


Bethesda, Hospital...

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was placed into a coma until he had arrived to the hospital. His overall health condition had not improved coming from the Somalia, Paraguay and the Marine medical unit. Doctor Cyril Taft and another two specialists had arrived with their patients discussing further treatments for the agent having been sexually abused, raped, tortured, drugged and beaten numerous times with being taken from his hospital room prior in Bethesda.

He was drugged taken abroad a transport flight with Jose Juan Hernandez regime soldiers with orders to abused him with breaking down the agents mental and physical state.

When he was found in the new compound in Somalia, Paraguay. It was Nick Torres of NCIS to first see him hanging down like a piece of meat as with the rest of the team and the marines.

Director Leon Vance had noticed as with Torres that Hernandez and his second in command were running away from scene. When the both of them had ran after the two with firing overhead shots. But however neither paid attention and began to run again. Only this time shots were fired dropping them to the ground in the heat and humidity killing them finally after a very long saga.

Leon Vance running over had to be sure that the both of them were dead as proof as Torres had used his phone to take photos of their bodies. Afterwards they headed back to the scene for where Gibbs was taken down in utter mess with multiple wounds and cutting of his vital organ down below.

Witnesses having stated with talking to the slave women even though a woman named Maria had been murdered by one of Hernandez associates. She was n ex girlfriend of Leroy Jethro Gibbs and later the leader's wife used as a ploy.

When Gibbs was moved to the sixth floor ICU. Doctor Cyril Taft had ordered more surgery and other injections and cell regeneration to help with his organ. They don't know since it was relative new process on whether it was going to work on the patient. Around the clock nursing will be checking on Gibbs once he arrives back from surgery that is going to take a long time.

And in the meantime...

Gibbs, Kasie, Bishop and others from NCIS will be staying in the waiting room for any news on Gibbs condition. Loreile meeting up with Leon and asking on whether he was dead or not.

"Nor yet!" He said with extreme emotion and exhaustion from the long flight.

She told him that Gibbs didn't think he was going to come out of this alive. As she went to sit down with a coffee in her hand while their son Shane was being watched by the nanny and undercover agent posing to help watch over Loreile and the child. While Gibbs and the NCIS agents were in Paraguay trying to rescue Gibbs and the slaves.