Author notes: This is the final chapter for this story. Thanks for reading..

Out on the front lines

Chapter 15th

Walking into the bedroom. Loriele laid back down onto the bed steaming. She needed to take this to the next level with not dragging this out any further. It was bad enough he was in the hospital over a month. But it's now time to talk and find out where they stand with their marriage.

She fell asleep for about twenty minutes unable to really sleep. Her blood pressure and heart rate had risen needing to start something with her husband. She was tired of having the ghost of Hernandez getting in the way of her happiness with one Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Moving up from the bed with changing her nightgown into something more colorful and placing a dab of her perfume that is a favorite of her husbands. Brushing her long curly locks into a bun on top of her head. She had been thinking about getting a short hair cut since he had asked her a few times while they were married.

After she was ready. She went to check on her son Shane in the nursery with the both the nanny and Shane sound asleep.

She then headed for downstairs to wake her husband. Though he was already up with sitting on the couch. He says the following. "I wasn't able to sleep further after the dream I had earlier." This is when he noticed her in a different light.

"Are you able to tell me about it Jethro?" She went to sit next to him as he was able to smell her perfume and the change of her nightgown and hair. She placed a hand onto his lap closer to his groin area.

"The dreams are always the same sexual in nature. I have always though that sex was supposed to be mostly all pleasure. However with Hernandez and his soldiers they used their toys on me for all pain and no pleasure. And this went on for many hours with breaking down my mental and physical barriers. Even with the slaves used their bodies in order to get what they wanted from me and I hope to god that none of those women don't wind up pregnant." He cried out...

"And what about Maria? Do you think that she might of been depending on whether she lived? But instead Hernandez had her excuted with the marines finding her throat cut in Hernandez office." Loreile needed to say with the Intel given to her.

"I didn't know this Loreile about Maria. Unless Leon told me I didn't remember at the time." Loreile had moved her hand closer...

"What else Jethro happened at the compound besides the usual torture, whips, toys and what else?" She asked with seeing his expression change again.

"I was raped by the soldiers, Hernadez, Riccio and the women. And there was nothing else I was able to do with the fight aspect of the battle between them all. I screamed most of the time almost to the point of losing my voice. However I don't know if you were able to hear me call out to you?"

"Actually I did hear you, Jethro. And I am sorry I wasn't able to help you during the time of your pain and suffering." Loreile cried out with moving her hand further and he wasn't stopping her. She placed her hand inside his sweatpants to begin massaging his penis in her hand to see if it's alive or not.

Gibbs closed his eyes to feel the wonderful sensation of her hands playing...She didn't wish to hurt her husband with the first time since his injuries...

After a moment...She felt the stirring finally after all this time...The blood flow and circulation differently was working. She will asked her husband on whether or not she should continue.

"PLEASE LOREILE." He begged...

This was the beginning of their new life. She was so pleased that she was able to take the gamble with doing this. Even though he still has a number of sessions to have with his therapists. But for now she will enjoy what she is able to receive from her loving husband.

After sometime later Gibbs will need to decide on when to turn in his vacation papers before making the decision on his retirement if any.

Loreile was laying in her husbands arms after their very first time together after months of pain having to been in Paraguay and she hoped to god that he or the other NCIS agents don't wind up in that blasted country again.

"Would you like me to bring down Shane so that you can hold him into your arms again?" She had to asked since it's been awhile that he had at all.

"Yes, I will hold my son finally Loreile." He had tears of joy for the first time in such a long time.

As he watched his wife move up from his arms and the couch heading for upstairs to bring his son and the start of his new life.

He was happy that everything was finally working out for the best for them in general...

The end