She stood on the mountain top, looking into the dense heights away. The sun was beginning to rise and her journey was just beginning. But first, she had to go into the shadowy depths below.

She gulped. Her boots slipped on the snowy rocky edges as she began her descent.

She slowly clutched onto the sides of the cold mountain walls. The sun was white in light and was slowly going across the sky.

When she reached the bottom, she gulped again, her eyes quaking as she looked at the next mountain to climb.

Her body was tired and worn, night approaching fast. She stayed in a cave, huddled up, and when the sun had begun to rise again, she began her trail once more.

She clutched hold of the rocky edge, pulling her tired body upwards towards the tip of the mountain. Hours flew by but she didn't care. She had to keep climbing, she had to make it.

When she reached the top of the second mountain, she reached her hand upwards, feeling the heavy clouds touch her fingertips and give her encouragement. The sun was over her head, beginning its second decent and she swallowed in fear, as night once more was approaching. But she continued on.

When she had reached the dim light below of the second mountain base, she was wheezing for air. She looked at her hands, her fingers turning blue from cold.

She sat on the rocky floor, gathering together her courage and soon nodded her head firmly, beginning her ascent up the third mountain.

Her hands were cut up and bruised, even with the gloves, and it took two days to reach the top of the third towering height.

As she stood at its peak, she looked, seeing the sun still so far in the distance. She closed her eyes in pain, a teardrop slipping down and she sighed heavily, beginning to head down the other end back to the mountains' bases

As she took her first step down the third mountain she heard someone call to her. She looked around and saw a young child wearing heavy furry clothing watching her.

"Excuse me miss." The young boy asked, "Whatcha doing?"

"I'm on a journey."

"To where?"

"To..." She spoke back nervously, "To the sun."

The boy seemed to raise an eyebrow, and chuckled replying, "You can't reach the sun."

"It's all I want." She spoke back to him, "To be in the light... always."

"And then what?"

She blinked her eyes, surprised at that question, "What do you mean?"

"What will you do when you get there...?"

She bit her lip, looking down to the rocky ground and answered, "I'll... I'll finally be happy."

He crooked his head and just shrugged, beginning to walk away and just called to her as he left, "If you think so. But the future is never the same as the present."

She crossed her eyebrows and shook her head, annoyed at his remark. She began her third descent and after several days later she finally reached the edge of the world.

She saw just ahead a glowing white light of the sun beginning its rise and she tried to reach it but stumbled forward a little bit on her feet... seeing just before her a giant bottomless pit.

She spun around and saw the sun begin to rise into the sky and make its journey to the other end.

"This..." She whispered to herself, "This isn't the end...?"

She didn't know what was in that giant pit... but a part of her knew if she jumped into it... it would take her life... be full of darkness.

Tears began to rise in her eyes, slipping down her cheeks and she fell on her knees, weeping and weeping.

She finally swallowed, nodding her head firmly and stood up on weak legs. She would have to turn back.

As she began her journey back the other way she had spent so long travelling, she saw the child up the top of the first mountain come back.

"So did you find what you were looking for?"

She remained silent for a second, chewing her lip before frowning and answered in a quiet hurt voice.


"Can I tell you a secret?" The boy asked her and she looked at him amazed, "If you make it to the end... you'll always want more."

"I didn't make it to the end..." She uttered and he smiled, replying.

"Because... you want... more."

She looked at him confused and he chuckled, walking away and fading into the heavy space.

She blinked her eyes, startled and looked back the way she had come, the pit just on the other side.

That was the end... but it wasn't what she wanted.

She... she wanted... more.

She stood there, thinking things through while the sun slowly set in the distance.

Darkness came... and she stood there on the peak, looking at the stars so very far away.

Seeing one calling her and she raised her hand trying to catch it.

That would lead her to the light... it would have to.

For every star felt like the answer. Because she didn't have the answer in herself.

So she began to travel through the night sky... on a journey to the light.

Never realizing that she had it... inside.