I crinkled my eyelids a little, the dream I had had floating away from memory. I stretched out my petite body a little, a small soft smile on my lips and I curled into my boyfriend Tyler gently.


I yawned tiredly, and sat up, licking my dry lips and finally opening my large blue doe eyes.

"Yes... Tyler bun?"

"HAHA!" The voice just laughed at me, and with that sudden burst of sound, I winced opened my eyes, looking before me to see that Luke was hovering just over me and Tyler. I bounced back surprised, looking at him in horror that he had come into our room without announcing anything and was floating over us like some sort of ghost-like predator.

"Luke..." I said softly, but I sounded afraid.

"HAAAAAAA-" I sat there, still waking up and becoming conscious, "-AAAAPPPPY BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY GIRL!"

I seemed to brighten up at the announcement, and I grabbed Tyler's sleeping arm, shaking him awake excitedly.

"TYLER!" I screamed so loud his eye blew opened and he jumped alerted.

"What?!" He yelled, glancing around the room in search of danger, "WHAT IS IT, JESSIE?!"

"I'm eighteen..." I said, a twinkle in my large doe eyes, and he seemed to calm down his breathing to look over at me. A smile quickly edged up his mouth.


"YES!" I shouted even more excited than him, "EIGHTEEN!"

"SHE'S EIGHTEEN, LUKE!" Tyler yelled at the immortal who was still floating over us. Luke pulled a sharp uneasy smile and landed his feet to the end of the bed, before sitting down in a meditative pose, replying.

"Oh, goody..."

"So we can have a party tonight!" Tyler continued on and I nodded my head so many times it felt like I was a bobblehead.

"Yes, indeedy!" I cooed in and Tyler grabbed me in a tight hug, kissing my on the forehead and continuing.

"Isn't this great, Luke!"

"Oh, wonderful..." He replied and slowly crawled up the bed to us, peering into my wide-awake eyes now and muttering, "Well, I might as well give you, your gift."

"Oh," Tyler said quickly, calming down and looking between him and me, "Of... course."

"You mean, right now?" I asked him shyly and a little nervous.

"No time like the present..." Luke said slyly and grinned even slyer, "To get your 'present.'"

Me and Tyler glanced at one another before Tyler shrugged, seeing as there was not really another response we could give the immortal.

"Ok..." I said quietly and he placed his hand on my blanketed leg, reaching his finger forward to my forehead. Tyler was trembling as he witnessed the sight, biting his fingernails off in anticipation.

It was then, I felt it. His finger had pressed against my forehead and colour came out of the tip, entering into me.

Luke had his eyes closed gently while the procedure was happening and when no more power would come out of him to me, he slowly opened his eyes and removed his fingertip.

"What did she get..?" Tyler begged to know, and it was then that I felt my body transforming. My brain felt like it was having millions of electrical shots running through my neons, like my brain's energy power was tripling. That's when I heard the thoughts.

Why is she so quiet? DID she get IMMORTALITY too?

I recognized that voice. It was from Tyler. But... he wasn't speaking. At least not out loud. But his thoughts were being picked up by my mind as if I was a satellite receiving his transition.

"Telepathy..." Luke only whispered to me, but his eyes were on Tyler "And you know what that means, don't you Tyler?"

Tyler seemed to go as white as a ghost, and slowly nodded his head, tears welling in his eyes.

"It can't be..."

"What can't be?" I asked frightened and held on to Tyler for protection from the unknown threat.

"Tonight, we party." Luke only replied with dark sinister eyes, his lips going higher up his cheeks in a grin that could nearly cut half his face in half, "And after that, I keep my promise."

"What promise...?" I peeped and Tyler closed his eyes, releasing my hold on him as he pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his head on it, tears streaming down his cheeks without control or hope.

"Tyler Riler?" I whispered to him, placing my hand on his and he shook his head pitifully, not able to handle what was to happen, "Please tell me, WHAT promise?"

"Don't you remember, Jessica?" Luke asked me, crooking his head a little like an innocent puppy dog. It didn't help that he also pouted in a patronising pose.

"No," I said, and I was being truthful, I couldn't remember the promise. I must've made it many months ago.

Yes, you did, I froze in seeing Luke's thought entering my head. He didn't put them in there himself, it was my new power working and I guess he was helping me learn how to use it.

"I don't remember..." I whispered to him and suddenly the images from his mind flashed in my inner mind's eye.

I could see my father and mother, and Tyler and Luke all talking in fearful ways and Luke telling my father that-

"If she doesn't get it, she moves out..."

"Get what?" I asked timidly and Luke just then burst into loud delirious laughter.

"You really are cut from the same rug aren't you two?" He said, trying to hold back his hysterics as he looked between me and Tyler.

Jessie, Tyler thought in his head, directing his thoughts at me and he slowly gazed back up at me, his eyes red from the tears, the deal was if you didn't get immortality... you leave.

"I... what?" I pleaded to know and Luke flung himself to the air above, floating there and chuckling, holding back his cruel laughter. He pointed his finger at me and continued.


I gasped, finally understanding what he was declaring.

Back to mummy, back to daddy.

I stood up straight to face him and he only landed beside me with a cold smile.


Everyone was so silent then, only Luke's cold expression facing me and I closed my eyes. A teardrop rolled down my cheek and it was then Tyler stood up on the bed beside me, placing his hand on my shoulder and saying.

"Then I leave too."

Luke's smile dropped, and I stiffened at Tyler's words.

I do too, he thought to me and I fell into him with a small relieved smile.

"We'll see..." Luke hissed and vanished before our eyes. We listened as a whoosh of wind blew past us and the door of the room slammed shut so hard, it bumped back open again at its hinges. He had left... but he'd be back.

Till then, we would wait. Till then, we would celebrate as I, I was eighteen. An adult at last.

But a child still, in many many ways...