We landed back at the Royal's headquarters after a few hours had passed. I didn't realize how fast the aircraft me and Tyler were in was going. I looked slowly down to see there was still reconstruction going on down below.

The vivid memory of the whole castle being blown to smithereens entered my mind, and I let it stay for a few moments... remembering that this wasn't home. At least, not yet.

As the craft slowly landed into an empty cement car park, I shook myself more awake before shaking Tyler to get him to resume consciousness.

He groaned a little before his eyelids wearily unclasped themselves from his eye lock. He yawned, stretching his arms and smiling to me, oblivious to where he was now.

Though reality came crashing down when he noticed we weren't in the temple or his mother's house.

We were in Royal's territory. We were in the Royal's home.

He quickly sat up, but the craft's inside bounced back and forth a little as it finished its descent to the ground.

The doors opened up, being pulled to the side like a van's doors would be. I clenched my eyes slightly from the sudden blinding light of the sun. Tyler squinted too from the exposure.

We slowly were given a hand down from the aircraft. I accepted the help easily, taking hold of the pilot's hand as he led me down to the cement ground.

Tyler also accepted help. He seemed to feel like there was nothing weak about accepting help, and I had to agree.

We both stood there for a second, staring ahead of us to our new, maybe temporary home.

I looked ahead, my vision seeming to be improving insight and perspective as I saw ahead of us the three royals standing at the gates of their new under construction castle. Most of it had been repaired, but I swore I could still catch a whiff of smoke and burnt debris from dusty ash-covered rocks that surrounded the area.

"Tyler Smith... you 'return'" Sebastian said, quoting with his fingers the word, 'return'.

"I had too. Luke... he just went too far."

"Don't I know it..." Sebastian replied with a roll of his eyes, "Can never take 'No' for an answer."

"Sebastian!" Melody piped up, seeming upset by her fellow royal's words, "He just needs help, friendship..."

"Then why don't you be his friend?"

Melody shook back when this was said. I could feel her emotions. Talking about Luke gave her inner pain, her heart hurt for him.

I was surprised... did, did Melody love Luke?

Within a matter of moments, my powers seemed to open up completely within me, as my body and senses sussed out the new area I was in.

The knot in my stomach, I could feel it. I needed to take a pregnancy test. Even though I knew I was with child, I needed hard physical proof.

The royals all gasped suddenly, glaring at me, and I instinctively held my lower abdomen.

"YOU'RE carrying Luke's baby?!" Sebastian suddenly yelled. I could tell instantly that Luke had told them that just then in their minds, "How... how is this even possible?"

"It's called SEX." Tyler said as if spelling it out for him, "But it was not consensual... right?" He looked at me when he asked this. He knew it wasn't, but I think a part of him still worried that I had wanted Luke to take advantage of me.

"Tyler, I would never..." I said, my eyes welling with tears at even the slightest disbelief and distrust of my words.

"But still...?" Sebastian continued, He and Alice, the other immortal and who we assumed he was indicating, looked back and forth at one another, "This has never 'happened' before."

It's because, we all froze up when Luke's words filled our minds, she wasn't immortal when the 'deed' was done. The fetus connected to her... and the longer it is inside her, the more power it will have.

"That's scary..." Tyler peeped out, seeming afraid of this new information.

If her body doesn't reject it... it will grow to full term. And I don't know if it'll keep ageing after birth... but I have a good feeling it'll stop at age 18 on the dot.

"How do you know?" Sebastian asked out loud.

I don't. We'll just have to wait and see.

The five of us were quiet then, and Sebastian blinked his eyes quickly, coming back to the physical moment and pointing behind him nonchalantly at the new castle that was about three quarters done construction.

"We have made up a spare room for you two. Try not to have too much fun."

"Ha ha," Tyler laughed back, faking his humour as he didn't seem to want to even mention the 'act' that he and I were originally meant to make before all this happened, "Not for a while..."

"No?" I uttered out, not catching my tongue on the puzzled question.

"Remember, we said not till marriage."

"Oh," I said. Even though I didn't remember last nights 'act' very well, I do remember having pleasure in my half-asleep daze. I wished it was Tyler's child... if we had done it last night, Luke not being present... I could very well have been carrying Tyler's child now.

Realizing this hurt me, it cut me deeply. Luke had hurt me in so many very cruel ways... but taken away Tyler's one and only chance of being a father to my baby...

I didn't know the future, I didn't want to. But I said to Tyler quietly, holding his hand in my petite one.

"Nine months... the wedding will be in nine months."

"Why nine months?" Sebastian asked, and I tightened my lips, annoyed that he was asking a dumb question like that.

I wanted to remove all trace of Luke I had in me before I gave myself to Tyler. It was just something I had to do. We had to wait.

"It's because of the baby-"

"I was making a joke." Sebastian cut across me. He slowly turned around, the two royal girls copying. Tyler and I glanced at each other, before seeing the three royals walk in calm steps back to their huge home. Tyler slowly took hold of my hand again, and we followed them. My steps were unsure and small, Tyler's a bit braver and stronger.

I could see guards on both sides of us, as we went up on a pathway only allowed to be used by the three immortals before us. I knew this because their emotions and thoughts came to me through my telepathy. I could sense so many different emotions from the men in armour who guarded the area, and the royals themselves... their emotions were completely open. Sebastian had a sense of arrogance about him like he was the real ruler of the universe. Alice also had a sense of entitlement, but she kept it more to herself. Melody on the other hand... she was very like me in herself. Girly, shy, slightly the odd one out between the three. Her red hair was lovely though. Alice's hair was pitch black. Sebastian's was like mine and Tyler's. Golden yellow. I could sense that he had more years behind him than the other two. The first normal person to be granted immortality. In a way, he reminded me slightly of Luke. But Sebastian from what I could feel from him was more able to keep control and calm.

My head felt a little dizzy from all the emotions as we entered the beautiful large building. Some of the design had been kept the same from the previous castle mansion.

But other parts had been more modernized. I looked at the soldiers and guards, many of them young men.

Handsome men.

"They're fresh meat."

I looked up, seeing Alice directing this at me.

"Melody loves 'fresh' meat."

"Shhs, Alice!" Melody suddenly pleaded her fellow immortal, "You make me sound like a cougar."

"That's because you are." Alice teased, but it seemed to hurt Melody to the core.

"I'm just keeping my eye's out for the one."

I tensed a little when this was said. Tyler was my one... and he would never leave me. Some part of me instinctively didn't trust Melody. Even though I could feel her emotions, that she was actually 'nice' inside... something just felt not right.

"She's love sick." Alice suddenly told me, nudging me on the side, "It happens when an immortal is in love when they get their powers."

"Alice, don't tease," Sebastian said, and we arrived in the new living room. He sat down on a beautiful armchair and raised his legs up using the side wedged-shaped clutch.

"Are you love sick, too?" Alice asked me and sat on the armrest of Sebastian's chair.

Tyler was beside me, and he looked at me... knowing pain was in him.

"Yes... yes, we are."

My eyes flittered down just then... the memory of the mixed feelings I now had.

I did love Tyler... but I had feelings for Luke too. Feelings that were unwanted but romantic.

"Y-yes," I whispered, looking at the royals and clasping my hand around Tyler's, "I'm love sick."

"Alice and I aren't." Sebastian told us honestly, "That's why we make the perfect couple. Ain't that right, Alice?"

"Yeeees." Alice said with a yawn and pat Sebastian on the head. He pretended to purr and she just laughed.

Was this to be my new group of friends? I didn't know. But a feeling inside me told me to wait and see.

Wait and see...

Mixed feelings now imprinted in me forever.

I loved Tyler more... but I loved Luke now... as well.