I lay there in bed that night, just lying on my back and looking up at the ceiling decor. It had golden flowers painted on it, with a deep maroon paint covering the walls. The area was almost soundless. All I could hear was the slight breathing coming from my beloved Tyler, who lay on his side facing me. He had a soft smile on his lips like he was at peace. I wished I could also be what he was feeling, sensing his emotions in my core and wanting to feel it authentically for myself.

I sat up slowly, pulling my knees to me and holding them close to me by my arms. I looked to the side of the large room, seeing a golden light was piercing through the gap at the bottom of the door.

I slowly crooked my eyebrows and quietly got up, heading towards it.

I looked back at Tyler before pushing our door opened and walking down the hall towards where the golden light was coming from.

I soon realized it was the living room, and I slowly pushed the door opened, just glancing through the crack I had made... seeing him there, only watching flames from a fireplace that was blazing.

Feeling Sebastian's emotions was actually difficult for me. I knew he was at peace, but there was a small distracted sad part to him in this moment. Like he was contemplating... and I, I could see the images in his head as if they were images in my own.

He was thinking of Alice, and I felt his airy-fairy feelings for her, never sure of himself if she truly loved him or not. Even though he knew he couldn't love because that was just the state he was in when he turned immortal, he wished he could even if it came with some drawbacks.

"Examining me...?"

I stiffened when he said that. He turned his head to look at me, his eyes empty and sad.

"Sorry..." I mumbled and came into the room, approaching him nervously, almost in fear. But I faced the fear and came in anyway, "I was distracted from the thoughts in your head."

"Luke used to hate listening to my thoughts," Sebastian said just then. He smirked and sat further back on the low stool he had placed himself.


"Because I wasn't his 'puppet.'" He told me, and I tilted my head a little, confused. Sebastian saw my innocent face and only laughed, "He likes to control people. He calls others his 'chessboard'."

"I don't understand...?" I said back confused. Sebastian rolled his eyes and just put some more coal on the fire.

"Don't worry, he won't hurt you anymore..."


"Because you're one of us," Sebastian said as if that was a triumph for me, "You're more than one of us. You, my dear, are his equal."

"I-I-" I began, my words spilling over themselves in fear, "I don't feel like his equal."

"But you are, Jessica." Sebastian huffed a small laugh, smirking higher up his cheek with his lips, "Because he made a terrible mistake."

He then looked at my midriff and crouched beside it, whispering to the embryo inside, "You, you little lucky mistake."

The mention of the baby inside me made me upset, as I could see images of the intimate moment I had been tricked into. He had touched me... he had made me this.

I couldn't be happy... because that 'moment' was now inside me... growing into a baby. His baby.

"I hate him..." I muttered, but my words didn't change the way my heart felt. It wanted him before I had been immortalized by his seed. But I knew... he wasn't love sick for me. Was he love sick for anyone?

"Did Luke-"

Sebastian's eyes flittered up to my own and he sat properly back on his stool. He gazed at me, his eyes lidded slightly from relaxation of the environment we were in at that moment.

"Did Luke ever have feelings for anyone..? Ever?"

"You mean, was he ever love sick?" Sebastian asked like it was commonplace knowledge.

"Yes," I peeped, afraid.

"I do suppose he did... though he never mentioned them."


"Long dead... whoever they were."

"He told me it was his first time..." I mumbled on in sadness, wanting vindication, "...was it?"

"Do you want the truth?" He asked me, I faltered back from his question. I didn't reply, just looked at the blazing burning flames of the fire.

Sebastian also turned his gaze to the flames and uttered, "It was his first time."

"How do you know-?" I asked, needing real clarification.

"Because I know Luke."

Was I meant to take his word on it? I wasn't sure I could. There were so many feelings inside of me at that moment. Upset, hope, sadness, joy. But most of all.. love.

Two kinds of love.

One, a deeply romantic love and commitment to my soul mate, Tyler.

Second, a deep excitement, intrigue and attraction to Luke.

If he had just left me alone... left me and Tyler and had not come between us that day... these feelings would be gone and I would be having Tyler's baby.

My eyes gazed slowly into the flames, and Sebastian said to me, his eyes never moving sight away from the fire.

"Have you noticed one thing?"


"How you don't need 'sleep' or 'food' anymore."

I hadn't realized, I hadn't known.

"I went ten years without food or drink... nothing changed within me."

I was afraid to ask, but...was he trying to end his life? Sebastian caught the puzzled wondering expression on my face and only laughed.

"Not for any death wish or anything. Just wanted to see if I could."

"There's no escaping it..." I uttered and blinked my eyes wide awake now. I needed no sleep... but my body desired it.

"Go to bed, Jessica." He told me. I looked at him, and he only gazed back at me. His emotions were more peaceful now. Like he had accepted me as a new friend, "I won't beat up Tyler again. You're through the first round of gaining my trust. Which means, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!"

I giggled a little as he continued.

"We may be dysfunctional, we may be ancient. But girly, are we interesting!"

I yawned then, and he only grinned, turning his eyes back to the fire.

"Okay," I said finally and slowly got up on my feet, "I'll head to bed." I wanted to add on the question in my mind. I was nervous to, but my mind almost demanded for me to know, "Are you going to bed soon?"

"Me?" Sebastian laughed and nudged his head to the door. I turned and saw the beautiful black haired Alice standing there. She had her arms folded and her hair tied back. A sultry grin was on her own lips.

"No." Sebastian said, getting up in a smooth transition to his unbreakable feet, "We're going to do some parkour."

"Park-what?" I was so very confused.

"Is she joining us?" Alice asked. It wasn't in a jealous way, she was only curious. I could feel her emotions, she didn't feel threatened by me at all.

"No." Sebastian said, glancing back at me before approaching his girlfriend, "Not tonight anyway."

"He's all yours," I peeped out nervously and Alice smirked up one side of her lips, before grabbing Sebastian's hand and pulling him out of the castle, the two leaving me with more questions than answers.

Was there more to immortality than just existing? Was there an actual life that could be led?

I jumped excitedly back onto mine and Tyler's bed, Tyler waking up startled and looking at me with shocked eyes.

"Jessie, what's wrong?!"

"I want to have some fun," I said to him, sitting next to his lying down body and he looked at me like I had gone insane.

"I told you, not till the wedding."

I giggled a little, he cocked an eyebrow up, completely taken off guard.

"No, silly billy... I want to..." I swallowed but brave words came out my mouth, "I want to fly... to run... to dance... to LIVE!"

"But NOT-" Tyler told me, chuckling a little bit at my extreme excitement, "NOT TONIGHT. We'll start living in the morning."

"You promise?" I asked shyly, my eyes gazing dreamily into his. He leant forward and kissed me, drawing back and smiling dizzily.

"I promise."

I fell into his arms and lay there with him till he fell asleep.

I looked slowly back up at the decor and smiled... with a bit of happiness... a bit of hope and joy.

I was going to live forever... because of Luke, I could be with Tyler forever.

I didn't want to thank him. Never...

I closed my eyes, only hearing Luke's voice whisper bitterly in my head.

You're welcome...

My mind fell unconscious as he hissed in pain to me once more.

... you're welcome.