Tyler helped me put up some streamers and decoration for the party tonight. I stood on a chair, sticking balloons up on the corners of doors and walls.

Though as I worked away, Luke's cruel words flittered through my memory.

That's now all YOU have.

Why was he so cruel to me? I thought he was a friend or at least some sort of acquaintance. This new power really did feel like a curse. I honestly wished I had gotten anything but it.

A "curse", is what my father had told me. He'd been giving the same gift, same power many years ago. He once told me, "It show's you the truth of a person. Their minds and thoughts. Such terrible people most are..."

Maybe I was one of them. I stepped down from my seat and looked at Tyler. He seemed to feel my eyes pierce at him, and he glanced a look over to me, smiling warmly.

Gosh, Jessica looks beautiful right now.

I smiled shyly when I heard his thought, my cheeks went a bit pinker and Tyler raised an eyebrow, asking me confused.

"What is it, Jessie?"

I tensed up and turned away rigidly, replying with a small smile, "Nothing!"

I hope she is finding things okay, I heard Tyler think, looking back over at him as he continued on his work.

You know.

That voice was definitely directed at me and was not Tyler. I could tell instantly, yes Luke?

He's is not so perfect and kind as he seems.

I screwed my lips up, a little annoyed at Luke's words. I only replied back coldly, of course, you'd know about that.

Yes, I know him more intimately than you ever will.

What are you talking about, Luke? I asked puzzled and worried.

Nothing... he whispered in my mind before his thoughts left me. I stood there, staring into thin space and saw a hand wave before me to get me back in the present moment.

"Huh?" I uttered and saw Tyler looking into my doe eyes, worried.

"He was talking to you... wasn't he?"

Say no! Luke hissed in my mind, but I would never lie to Tyler.

Yes, I told him quietly and saw Tyler's expression fall to one of worry.

"Of course he was, he's such a control freak."

"Don't worry, Tyler Riler." I told my beloved quickly, placing my hand on his forearm to calm him, "We're just having a little tiff."

As soon as I said that, my phone began to ring. I dug my hand into my pocket and took it out, seeing it was my dad's number that was showing up on screen.

"Daddy!" I peeped, surprised, and answered the call immediately, "Dad?"

"Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!" He said overjoyed on the other end. I could hear someone shuffle over to him and soon my mother's voice boomed out.


She nearly squeaked the words, her voice was so high and thrilled.

"Will you be coming home for a quick visit?" My dad asked me. I looked up at Tyler and he shrugged his shoulders, giving me complete control of the choice.

"With Tyler?"

There was silence the moment I said that, and my dad uttered.


"He's part of my life, dad. We LIVE together."

I could hear my dad growl under his breath, and my mother trying to calm him.

He sighed heavily before finally saying "Okay... okay..."

I looked at Tyler, my boyfriend smiling goofy back at me.

"We'll come in..."

Tyler checked the time and whispered to me, "Half an hour."

"Half an hour. Got that, Daddy?"

My dad sighed irritated some more before finally saying, "Okay. BUT be SAFE."

"Yes, Daddy..." I mumbled and the line began to beep, showing that he had hung up the call.

"We better get going quick," Tyler told me, kissing me on the cheek and zooming past as he went to arrange a lift.

I watched him go, my eyes warm and feeling that spark between us. He was SO the one! I was so overjoyed that he loved me, and I... I loved him so much it hurt.


I frowned disheartened when I heard Luke mock me.

You really love him that much?

I didn't respond back. I didn't like fighting with people. Or arguing, which is verbal fighting and aggression.

Luke... I said in a sad voice, why are you being so mean to me?

He didn't reply back at first, as if caught off guard by my innocent sad question.

You, He finally said, sounding angry more at himself than me, You just DON'T GET IT.

Tell me what I don't get...? I asked him, helplessly.

He seemed perplexed with my words, and finally uttered in my mind, a sentence that seemed so torn it itself.

You don't get me...

I didn't understand, I couldn't either.

I blinked my eyes, feeling them going dry as I was concentrating on the thoughts and had forgotten to blink them because I was stuck too heavily in my own head.

As I blinked them, I saw Tyler waving at me, holding the string of a floating heart shape balloon, and rushing over to me, his expression all giddy and excited.

"Okay, you ready, Jessie Bessy?"

It took me a second to come back to reality and I quickly nodded my head, excited.

"Yes! Of course, Tyler!"

He handed me the string and I could feel the balloon tug at the end of it as it floated over my head. I saw Tyler pull out his phone to snap a selfie of us and the light flashed in a split second, us smiling and appearing like the perfect couple.

He held my free hand with his own, stuffing his phone into his pocket and pulled me along with him as we headed outside the temple. The crowds of teenagers had dispersed now as the ceremony was over and we watched as a yellow hover taxi pulled up just before us.

We entered into it, and the man did an eye scan of Tyler and me for quick payment. Before it left, we felt two more people enter, one on each side of us.

I sighed, heavily. I didn't want to bring bodyguards with us but Luke never let us leave without them.

I looked out the tinted back window and could see Luke was standing there on top of the hill's huge empty grounds.

He whispered painfully into my mind.

I hope you have a happy birthday, Jessica.

I smiled weakly and replied in pain, I hope you do too.

He seemed to laugh at my response, only adding, it's not my birthday. He added on coldly, but yours... it'll go down in history.

I didn't understand what he meant by that... but I would soon.

I would soon.