I'm driving on a country road, the asphalt ahead of me slowly fading in the distance due to the fog. It's winter and the leaves have fallen. To my right grass, green grass and in the far distance trees. To my left a forest, the branches of the trees sharply contrasting the fog as though a fine pen drawing over a green background, presumably the pine trees providing the rest of the backdrop.

I look at the clouds, they look as though they are filled with fluffy snow. All over the clouds are backed by the same hue of gentle blue. I get distracted by the clouds. They feel out of this world, close yet alien. My breath slows as I increasingly get lost in them. I can't distinguish between what the clouds are and what the sky that's behind it. The white and blue run through each other, the same value and hue, just a different saturation, their fade continuous and only very gradual.

I can't seem to take my eyes off the clouds until I hear the snow compressing under my shoes, a steady rhythm. I only noticed because my rhythm disturbed, a branch of a tree cracked under my shoes. I slow down, no longer running but just walking. My gaze slowly goes down as the skies hiding the blue behind them discreetly transitions to the white tree tops. I notice the vapor coming from my breath and see the trail ahead covered in snow. The rhythm slows as I stand still. It's quiet, there's no soul around. The only sound being my own breath. I stop and smile, close my eyes and find this one moment of serenity, of quiet, full of emptiness.

I turn the key and stop the car. I pull up the handbrake and sit there for a moment, doubting what has really happened. I smile and open the door. I breathe in and the cold air of the outside hits my lungs. It doesn't matter, it's all equally real right now.