Grey clouds cover the sky. Thick and almost tangible. As though you could walk on them. They span everywhere, clear and well defined. Textured as a wall yet soft as silk. A distance far and yet almost within reach. They shrink our world, making it tiny, as though we live almost entirely in 2 dimensions, a thin film on the entirety of reality.

It feels as though these clouds hide a reality, as though they are a mirror to the real world, a different world. As though we're a shadow of the actual reality. Our mortal coil, a thin veneer of an actual existence. As though on the other side of these clouds is the real us, looking through a mirror. Our true selves banging on the mirror, screaming against it, imploring us to wake up and feel and act.

Our existence feels like a proxy, existence weighed down by our feigned reality. Our being numb and distant by most measures. It feels as though our true self is far away and out of our reach. Every day no more than a lost mindless moment that our actual being is not even aware of, part of a reality that we don't even see or understand.

I feel like I'm banging on this mirror, screaming to break through. From one moment to the next I feel as though I'm falling. At first I feel as though I'm gasping for air. I struggle and I cough. From one moment to the next my lungs open up and everything rushing in, cooling and fresh. My eyes start to water as everything rushes by. I see the buildings slowly appear outside of the grey mist, the world upside down. I rush past them, buildings left and right.

I get goosebumps as the sensation persists and I meet a critical velocity, everything just keeps rushes by. The clouds start to break up, shades of blue shine through them. The warmth of the sun is profound and radiating throughout my body. I fall towards the sun and the blue grows deeper and deeper. Slowly the earth curves and the world flips again. The darkness from outer space above me, the blue light of the earth below. I skid over the surface, below me fields of grass, lush green forests, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Nature's beauty there for me to see. No more clouds.

I blink and there I stand in the office. I release my breath and let out a deep sigh. The next breath the thick office air rolls into my lungs. I wipe my eyes clean, I grab another cup of coffee and get back to my desk. I smile as the clouds have made way for the sun to start shining through.