Today, on a gentle stroll through the woods, I was told to say farewell to the summer.

The heat of summer gives way to the temperate autumn.

The sun was lower on the horizon, it's color distinctly more reddish than before.

Its power waning as it lowered, no longer commanded us from above.

Now casting long shadows, giving opportunity for the forest the right of my path,

To dance with the trees on the left, patches of light and dark weaving through each other.

Only a gentle breeze, on the background the gentle rustle for the leaves,

They whisper among each other, rumors of who will fall first,

Rumors started by early sleepers saying farewell already, the first leaves of fall,

The first few dry leaves creating a soft crackling under my feet,

Squirrels too, buzzing from one place to the other, always in motion,

The trees have left the fruits of their labor, sowing seeds of new life,

Squirrels rich in their bounty, they know not to be overwhelmed,

They hurry and gather what they can, this wealth is only temporary.

Birds and their young prepare for their travels, fat from the festivities of the summer,

They find their groups, meeting up with fellow travelers, has it been a year already,

Finding the familiar faces from past trips, sharing their pride, lamenting their loss,

Training their wings for the long trip ahead

Yet the pine trees stand with resolve, their needles stiff and proud,

They are not moving, they will not bow to the autumn and winter,

The soft soil below my feet knows all too well, spring and summer come and go,

Winter and autumn too, but for them to notice, millennia need to pass.

So I've made my trip through the woods,

Refreshed, calm, collected and satisfied,

Spring and summer have again passed,

On the precipice of autumn and winter,

Beauty abound, every sight a new surprise,

Every place, any time, a new perspective.