Given we must live by starlight

We should expect our sun is yellow,

And liquid water must be flowing

On the surface of our planet.

Given that the earth must rotate

The sun is low on the horizon

And the light is soft and golden.

The way she sits beside the river

Reminds him of a pose in painting,

But she only sits that way because

It is the more comfortable position.

The golden evening mystifies

The shadowed landscape of her face,

But it is that play of light and shade

That conjures moods of mystery.

She stares into the creek, but it is not

The subject of her contemplation,

And the thoughts that have becalmed her

Are such to be expected

Of a lovelorn teenage girl,

Just as it is to be expected

That our chemistry is based on carbon

And that water is our solvent.

All we see is to be expected

Given the initial conditions.