Interview with the master thief

Seated on a wooden chair in a dark room a single light bulb lighting the table a man with a bald head wearing a black and white suit with a bow tie and clown mask "my name you say?" tapping a finger on his cheek "I am Thief, Master Thief," he said

Leaning back to the chair and tilting his head "you ask why I steal? hmm," he said while looking up to the light build and stretching out his hand as if to grab it

"Because I am like the sun providing what is necessary to keep the world alive," he said while retracting his gaze back to the interviewer

Leaning forward Master Thief looks to the Interviewer "you say I should elaborate, well I'm afraid that was the simplest I could answer for your feeble mortal mind" said Thief

"Ohh that is a Fantastic question, Yes I'm not human," said Thief

Raising his hand and placing it on his mask he rips it off "what you see, is what you desire but cannot obtain unless you steal it" said Thief

Nodding his head "yes I have many different forms I can appear in, and I can be in multiple places at once" said Thief

Puffing out his chest and tilting his head up "I steal Everything from anyone, whether tangible or intangible, time, dreams, property and your ticket to heaven there is nowhere you can escape me"

Both hands clamped together his chin resting on the "you can never expect me I am the voice telling you to do it later so that I can simply steal your time of productivity, I'm the one who steals your girlfriend, and I'm the one that steals your meme's hahaha I just do it because it is my responsibility," said Master Thief

Looking at YOU yes YOU "do you now realize I've stolen from YOUR TIME reading this interview of me, no one can escape me now its time to say Goodbye," said Thief

"see you later, hehehehe," said Thief