Your eyes slowly creaked open, as you stared around the hospital room.

I looked at you, a happy smile on my lips, but tears ran down my cheeks.

I wanted to tell you so much about this life you were going to live. About the pains and the joys.

The heartaches of which you would have, and also the hearts you'd break yourself.

How you would be able to make friends so easily while you were young, but how many would be there when puberty began? How social anxiety would plague you, make you shy when you entered the world of people. School would morph you, your peers would change you. Everyone would have a hammer that would leave a mark on your life, your personality, your soul.

That you would have great joys but even greater downfalls. How you'd enter a dog eat dog world, and starve if you didn't sacrifice your morals, your dreams.

I held you close to me, your infant eyes having tears roll down them. I held you, my eyes closed as I felt your little heartbeat against mine.

You were so innocent then, but as you grow older, you will lose the rose-tinted glasses and have to see the world.

You'd learn to walk, to skip, to run, to sprint. But don't go too fast. Remember to smell the daisies before they get mowed down in replacement for another shopping mall.

You wouldn't care what you would wear as a child, but when you notice someone else wearing something nice, it will make you look at your own clothes, and want to mimic.

Everything you see around you will affect you. Even the things you don't see.

You have to realize your dreams early, so you can try to strive for a career in it. If not, don't worry. Not having a dream might actually do better for you, because your heart won't hurt when you have to work in a job you never wanted or expected. But it pays the bills.

Always hope there'll be a roof over your head. Somewhere to be yourself and to be loved for it.

If someone breaks your heart so badly, don't go too soon for the rebound. Give yourself room to breathe as a single person, and maybe you'll realize couple life isn't really what you wanted.

Remember my child, as I held you close, everyone to each their own. Don't give judgement unless you expect to be judged yourself. And if you are to say something, take away the wooden beam in your own eye first.

Love life, but not to the point that nothing else matters. Take time to ponder, what is life? And to yourself, Am I living it right?

When you eventually reach the pearly gates, have a smile on your lips that you have lived. Hopefully, you'll continue to exist as you breathe your last breath.

I held you tightly there as all the thoughts of your future went through my head and I only heard the nurse say.

"Sorry sir, but you have the wrong baby there."

She took the infant off me and handed me, my correct baby.

I smiled and looked into their eyes.

"I have a lot I need to tell you," I said.