Your voice can change the world.
Good or bad, it changes anyways.
"So what's the point?" some might ask.
Well this is what I'll tell you:

A child once had a vision
Of what she wanted in the world.
Peace, happiness, maybe unicorns
And rainbows.


But then she grew up.
(Everyone grows up.)

She learned that
The world isn't as malleable as she thought it was.

The world is

The world is no place for a little girl.

But she tries,
And tries,
And tries,
And eventually, she creates her own little dent
In the world.

She's proud of it.

A change doesn't have to be big,
Towering over you,
Garnering attention of people
Near and far.
It can be small;
All that matters
Is that it matters to YOU.

Change can be scary.
Change is scary.

But it's also inevitable.
It's useless to go against it,
Though some have tried.

Just mold
And shape
And envision the world
In your own little way.

That's life.