My name is Marcus. I'm a 22 year old who was born in Mexico and moved almost immediately to New York City. Job opportunities and all that, and things I guess turned out for the better. I can't say I've ever really liked the busy streets and lifestyle, but I can also say I'm used to it. For me, I live with my mama, papa, 3 siblings and grandparents. We're a pretty big, crazy family but my papa's job has treated us well. We have an apartment not too far from the edge of the city and I've always been glad for that. You hear traffic, but not much.

Me, personally, ever since I finished high school, I've been doing a full time YouTube channel job by traveling and checking out abandoned buildings and places lost or frozen in time. I do however kinda avoid places known to be haunted, because I'm not very knowledgeable on ghosts or spirits. Plus, I never really deal with much trouble, because I never go to places at night time without checking it out in daylight beforehand. The last thing I need is to fall into a hole I never saw before and hurt myself. Also, I do not reccomend traveling alone, however, I haven't had much luck in finding people who would like to travel with me and share expenses. I drive a work van to many of these places for the space and reliability, and if I need to, I can pull out a bed and sleep in it. Most of the time I travel to a place not too far away, and then I travel back home. Most of the time it's only in the next place over, because my mama doesn't like when I'm gone too long. Special places require long trips, but I'm well ready for them. Like this one trip took me all the way to the suburbs of a town in Missouri. There was a house that was built in the 1920's out in the middle of nowhere that had a fallout shelter that was located in the basement. Now, to me, Missouri isn't that far. To my mama, it was like going to California. I promised her before I left that I would bring back souvenirs for my sisters and for everyone in the family.

Let me actually give a little introduction to my family. My papa works at a very big business corporation. My mama stays at home to care for my siblings. I have 3 younger sisters. They are Rosa, Lola, and Tia. Rosa is 7, Lola is 5 and Tia is 3 years old. I was the first child and I guess after a long time, my parents decided to have more kids, I don't know why it took them so long. My grandparents used to live alone but they haven't been able to find a good place, so they live with us. They are extra help for mama though, so no one really complains. Anyways, my family is friendly and respectful but they can sometimes be so much, my sisters especially. But, they're family, and I'd travel across the world by myself for them.

Anyways, I had been looking at this place for a long time and I have been hyping up my subscribers for quite some time, and I had been finally able to travel to Missouri. It was definitely going to be a lot of work, but I was ready, and packed. I had my clothes, video cameras, batteries, and snacks. What else could you possibly need? Gas money was also one of those things. I don't really remember how many time I had said goodbye to my family, but I'm pretty sure it exceeded over forty.

"Mama, I'll be okay. Don't worry!" I laughed, receiving my 60th kiss.

"Oh, mijo, I know. You know I worry." Mama said, giving me another kiss. Sadly, my papa was working at the time. I gave all my sisters kisses and my grandparents, and I was finally out the door. I had the entire way mapped out, and ready on my GPS. I started my van and took off through the busy streets before finally leaving the big city.

I'm not one to travel all night, so I parked on the side of the road or pulled over to rest stops to sleep. Sleep is your number one priority when traveling long distances, because you never know what you'll come across and you need full functioning brain. At least, that's what I've experienced in the past. I took photos along the way too of the scenery and cities I passed through. Did I mention I loved photography among video production? And I never even went to college for it. It's just a hobby that turned into a lifestyle. Mama and papa never really pushed me to go to college. Papa had gone to school for a few years, but he says you don't really need a college degree to succeed in life, in which, I've been living that. I make decent money from YouTube, and I love what I do. Nothing really ever got bad for me, and I've been keeping strong.

I finally arrived in Missouri and it only took a day to get to the house and shelter. Now, this house had been abandoned for a long time, and I only heard wind of it from one person. It was an old house in the middle of nowhere that had been broken into numerous times it looked like, and had overgrown grass and weeds around. The fallout shelter was located in the basement, and you could only access it by a sealed door. Apparently it still had old crackers and canned foods down there, and I was excited to see that. I had to be careful though with the door, if I closed it too tightly, I might not be able to get it back open. I parked my van behind the house to hide it a little and grabbed my gear in the backpack. I clicked my flashlight on and kept my mask nearby in case I saw any traces of mold or other hazardous dusts. The house itself was pretty much rundown over the years, which was expected, it had been abandoned for quite some time. The wallpaper was peeling as I began my video camera and scanned it around.

"This place has been abandoned for many years, and is very dangerous to walk through." I talked as I recorded. However, the house wasn't my main goal, it was the shelter.

"Through the door, is the shelter." I attached my camera on the tripod and recorded myself opening the door. A hall that leaded down and to the left lay out in front. I attached my flashlight to my head mount and carried my camera and tripod through the door. I turned the light on on my camera for extra light that lit up the hall like daytime. I walked through and there was another door, which was the sealed door. I struggled to open it, but I managed and it creaked open. Inside was very musty and cold, and I was glad I brought my mask along and extra batteries. It was a small room, with a burnt out light above and a metal shelf with boxes on top of it. I set up my tripod and carefully pulled a box down from the shelf. It was full of old crackers in smaller boxes. They were like graham crackers. I opened one and the feeling of them, they were obviously stale. I pulled down another box that had old cans that filled it. It was pretty heavy and I nearly dropped the box. A can fell out and rolled on the ground. They were cans full of vegetables, beans, and meat, mainly sausages I think. The labels were so hard to read.

I felt the ground tremble and froze. I heard a click and looked up. Almost immediately as I looked up, I heard a creak and the rust on the shelf must have gave way, because before I knew it, it was like dominoes. The shelf fell down on top of me, boxes and all, and I fell into my camera and tripod. They crashed to the ground, and I can't say I remembered much about what I did next, because I blacked out.