I think Harper could sense that I wasn't in the mood for her normal chit chatting. I was silent as we hurried further away to some bushes. My van was completely submerged now, only the roof showing a little. The truck didn't take long to pass by, but they must have not seen the van in the water. They drove past on the road near the lake, searching. Once I deemed the coast to be clear, I slowly crawled out from the bush. Thankfully they didn't see the tire tracks in the grass.

"Okay, well, I think the safest thing we can do now to avoid being found again is go to the hospital." I pointed to the large building on the other side of the lake, which turned out to be a pond. "We can maybe gather some supplies if these guys are going to be this dangerous."

"I don't get it. Why would they want to attack us?" She thought aloud as we made or way to the hospital.

"I don't know, Harper, but they weren't friendly from the start. Maybe we were in their territory." I said absentmindedly.

"I mean, we're all survivors! Do they want to be the only ones alive?"

"I really don't know. Maybe they don't want anyone alive. Look, let's try not to think about it right now and focus on getting the supplies we need." I knew however, it would be all we would think about.

Harper nodded and followed quickly around the water. Now, we knew this was no zombie apocalypse. But walking through the front doors, it sure felt like it. Absolute silence, the only difference was that nothing was destroyed or decaying, yet. It was like people got up and left everything.

"Let's start searching the rooms. There has to be a room full of medications or first aid kits." I said and we split up. We scoured through storage closets, empty patient rooms, and testing labs, I think. Harper dug through the cabinets in a few examination rooms and found a few packs of bandages and I managed to find some painkillers. What worried me, is we didn't know who we were dealing with here. I didn't know what we needed and didn't.

"Marcus look!" Harper spoke up and I glanced over, only to be greeted with her sticking a sticker on my chest. It had a cartoon dog on it and I gave her a confused look.

"What? You remind me of a dog, always wanting to follow rules." She laughed. "Don't you remember getting stickers as a kid after a check up?" She gave herself a sticker that looked to have a wild cat on it.

"Not really, I got suckers sometimes." I shrugged. "But I do love dogs. Thanks."

We ended our search and piled all of our findings into a bag Harper found lying around. "Okay." I sighed. "You pick the dealership."

"Awesome! We gotta find the coolest truck ever. Even cooler than that truck that's following us. I got the perfect thing in mind."

"Are you sure someone will have thought of your perfect thing in mind?" I joked as we walked along the sidewalk.

"Someone has to be crazy enough. Let's check all the used dealers." So, that's what we did. We ended up getting into a random parked car in search of some dealerships, also being mindful of the black truck.

"There!" Harper yelled and literally skidded to a stop. I had to hang onto the dashboard to keep my body from going through the windshield. "Ooh, that's the one!" She pointed to a lifted green Ford. It was complete with beefy off-road tires and lights on top, and even a brush guard.

"Let's go find the keys then." I said and got out of the car after switching it off. Harper had practically been magnetized to the truck. We walked into the building to search for some keys.

"Oh, in here!" She called from a little storage room. She was digging in a drawer of envelopes and grabbed one. "Ford Excursion, that's the one!"

"You are far too excited. Let's go start up your new truck." I chuckled and we headed outside.

"Ooh, diesel! Even better!" She grinned and hopped in, hearing it roar to life. I threw the bag of supplies in the backseat and we were off, except instead of driving around the building, Harper took the shortcut route and went through the grass. "So, Marcus, did you ever have a name for your van?"

"Um, not really. Why?" I asked, trying to relax with her driving.

"I think I'm gonna name this thing, Doomsday. Our end of the world beast."

"That's perfect." I smiled a little. "Now, let's try to get back onto the highway and get out of this town. Maybe we won't see the truck guys anymore."

I will admit, the truck did sound good. Harper gave it gas as we hit the highway and it sounded like it was a growling dinosaur. I ended up relaxing a little actually. The ride was occasionally smooth and the tires were a bit noisy, but I felt safer getting out of the town where the danger was. I just hoped that the black truck didn't travel a lot. I hoped they were the only ones. We soon stopped to get fuel because the tank had been low, and I went inside to get us both some snacks. That same message played on the TV and computer screens, and I shivered a little. They made me feel so uneasy, but I was dying to figure out what it all meant. What was this 'cleansing', and how come no one knew anything about it? You would think there would be word on the street about something huge that was being planned to end the human race, but, I had never heard a single whisper. It was definitely something bigger than we all would have imagined.