Codex003: "Lawless Hades"\

Olympic Republic Travel Advisory: Though the planet Hades is located within Republic space, its proximity to the other lawless governments makes it a den of criminal activity. Caution is advised.

"Lawless Hades". That is the name given to the planet by gang-leader Paul "Hard-Head" Steamer. Originally opened and settled as a mining world, its placement at the far reaches of space put it between three governments while being far enough from the settled regions to attract criminal interest. Formally a part of Republic space, the planet has long operated without formal government control.

Hades' long-lasting autonomy can be attributed to two primary things. Firstly, there is now a belief held that the waste must go somewhere. Crime, having already taken hold here, will continue to fester within the planet, but some argue that fighting crime can be like fighting human nature. No amount of effort will fully expunge it from the galaxy, and so it is better to give the darkness home than to invite it into your home.

Secondly, Hades is lawless but not entirely without rule. While there is no formal governing body, there is a hierarchy that keeps the economy of the planet from collapsing into complete anarchy. The planet is separated into territories by the most powerful gangsters in the universe. Those that enforce the rules do so in controlled spheres of influence, and those without the power to do so submit or succumb.

In recent years, corporations seeking to escape from government oversight have been drawn to Hades. Military arms companies, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing companies have all used their vast wealth to establish footholds on the planet service and brought their own private military's with them to do it. Through force and finance, they have added a hint of civilization to an otherwise rabid planet.

As a result, Hades is tightly controlled, with only the fringes of the planet being truly free. Lawless, then, means that unrestricted trade is allowed, making the planet's unofficial capitol, Persephone, a market unlike any other in the known galaxy, where the danger faced may be offset by the goods you can procure, if you're careful. Even with this hint of civilized commerce there, you may be swindled, mugged, or murdered in broad daylight without any repercussion if the swindler, mugger, or murderer has enough power.

Some still argue that Hades must be brought into line, though they are far too few to see it done. Everyone, from a penniless urchin plying the wares of those above them to corrupt CEOs buying and trading people without a care for their plight make their homes here. Go only if you must, and then go cautiously.

Note: The Beaches of Cecile are well-known for the beauty of their burning sands and the sunsets when seen from the Styx Sky Elevator are said breath-taking.