Patch Notes: Added Luck to Status


Before entering the door, I took the Iron Dagger from my inventory.

Iron Dagger – A normal iron dagger, nothing special.

Atk = 12 + (Str + [{Agi+Dex]/2}) : Dur = 20/20 : Crit Multiplier = 2

By my calculations, if I use [Backstab] while under the effects of [Stealth], I could bring my damage to a total of 396.6 points. And if that Crit Multiplier applies to [Backstab], then my damage could go up to 793.2 points. That's high, very high, and could literally one-shot me with my meager HP.

Is this dagger really a low-level item? But I can see problems. The only way for me to deal that kind of damage is to remain unseen, and against multiple enemies I'm screwed.

I'll just have to tread carefully. I may have thought of suicide a lot of times, but I don't want to die early without having my share of life.


Name: Sethsamm

Title: N/A

Age: 19



Level: 2

Class: Rogue = 0

Job: Thief = 2

HP: 250 / 250

MP: 580 / 580

SP: 336.25 / 336.25

HP Regen: 21.5/min

MP Regen: 57.8/min

SP Regen: 30.9875/min

EXP: 0 / /200

Strength: 7 = 8.4

Vitality: 5 = 6

Endurance: 7 = 9.45

Agility: 18 = 27

Dexterity: 15 = 25.5

Intelligence: 16 = 19.2

Wisdom: 11 = 7.7

Luck: 5 = 5

Hmm... I have no idea what my stats say about my body. I should've checked earlier, damn it. Welp, no time like the present. I eyed the wall beside the open door and raised my dagger to chest level. I took a stance and thrust.

The dagger sunk through the wood although not completely. Huh, I expected a lot more resistance, is it my stats? Or is it just the dagger? Anyway, one test done, how about my speed.

I swung the dagger about 5 times in under 2 seconds. It wasn't that heavy, and I really expected to be slower, looks like my stats are improving my body. Next is precision.

I changed my target and thrust 5 times at the same spot in succession. There was little, if not barely any distance from my first thrust and the other thrusts.

"Cool..." I muttered under my breath and approached the open door. Behind the door I saw stairs going down into the dark. Holy shit that looks spooky.

I hesitated, but a holographic window quickly made me forget my hesitation.

Quest Received!

[Quest: Kill ze Slimes!]

Your first combat quest, kill slimes, the mortal enemy of noob players.

[] Kill 10 Slimes = 0/10

Bonus Objective:

[] Finish the quest under 30 minutes.

[] Kill a Metal Slime the first time you encounter it.

Rewards: 250 exp, 500 pesos, Slime Lotion

Bonus Rewards: #1 = 350 exp, 750 pesos, Slime Dagger : #2 = 500 exp, 1000 pesos, ?


When I saw that prompt, I quickly press Y and rushed down the stairs. The stairs brought me to a damp cave which was actually bright instead of dark. I could see clearly through the rocky cavern. I walked through the linear path and encountered the first enemy.

A green blob.

Unlike slimes portrayed in anime and manga that looked cute, this thing looked like a moving puddle. No eyes, no cute mouth, just its slimy body and a floating core within. That's probably its weakness.

I had no idea whether it could see or sense me, but I activated [Stealth] anyway an approached the Slime slowly.


Name: N/A

HP: 150/150

MP: 50/50

... That's it? I got more information from using this magic on other people! More intelligent than this sentient puddle! Twitching my hand, I slowly approached while gripping my dagger tight. This is my first time trying to attack a monster, so of course I'm nervous. I can just hide it better after hiding behind a mask for most of my life.

I'll try attacking without using [Backstab] for the moment. I want a rough guide on how strong I am. Although, I'll still use [Stealth] to get a free Critical.

A few more steps and I was now in front of the green slime, but have no idea if it even notices me judging at how it jiggles. Without further ado, I struck, thrusting the dagger towards its core.


HP: 56.7/150

Without relenting I stabbed it again at the core and killed the slime.

Slimes Killed: 1/10

Gain 30 exp, 15 pesos

Welp... That was anticlimactic... I checked the status of my dagger though and saw that its durability went down to 19. Looks like I'll need that Slime Dagger if ever I want to continue with this diving in the future. Wonder if I could use kitchen knives as substitute.

The puddle of goo vanished into the air and it looked as if it didn't even exist in the first place. Now I'm curious, does this happen with only dungeon mobs, or does it apply to all enemies I kill? Questions for the future.

I continued onwards and found another slime, killed it with the same method, and was awarded with the same drops. While I was walking however, I found out that my resource bars regenerate after 30 sec of not changing values. Looks like during intense fighting with no rest, I'll need to come up with methods to restore my resources otherwise I am screwed.

Continuing further, another slime, another kill. Now that's three. After that however, I encountered the Metal Slime.

Name: N/A

HP: 2/2

MP: 100/100

That's one low HP, but if the games are to be believed, this asshole can run as fast as lightning, and will huff it out when sensing danger. So [Stealth] buddy, time to get to work. [Backstab], you're on point.

I slowly crept towards the unsuspecting slime. My dagger ready in front. Once I was close enough, I lunged and stabbed it while using [Backstab].


Gain 100 exp, 50 pesos, Metal Slime Core

Four slimes down, 6 more to go. That and my bonus objective 2 is done. Now what the heck is a Metal Slime Core?

Metal Slime Core : Rarity = UC : Material used for creating weapons, armor, or even ingredient for alchemy.

So I can craft as well? Good, it won't be an RPG video game without crafting after all. Alchemy though, looks like I have a solution to my resource problems.

I walked forth after killing the Metal Slime and encountered a group of slimes. Welp, this is gonna be fun. Hope that they don't hit hard though.

Activating [Stealth] again, I crept towards the nearest Slime. I'll have to use [Backstab] to kill one to make it a 2v1. I don't want to fight outnumbered, that's just idiotic, even if the slimes are weaker than me. Quantity is a quality of its own after all.

I killed one with a swipe and a window popped up in front of me. Ignoring it for the moment I dashed towards the 2nd closest slime and slashed. I intended to slash once more but I was tackled by the other slime, pushing me towards the ground.

"Ugh!" I grunted, but scrambled back up. While I did that however, the slimes didn't stop trying to attack. I dodged one slime, and was grazed on the arm by another. I grit my teeth in pain and slashed at the slime I damaged earlier, killing it.

Predicting the attack of the other slime, I ducked under and swiped at its exposed core. It dealt huge damage, but not enough to kill it. I lunged at it as it landed on the ground and once more thrust my dagger towards its core, ending its life.

Slimes 7/10

Gain 90 exp, 45 pesos, Slime Core

I caught my breath after the quick fight which didn't last 2 minutes. After resting for a bit, I checked the window prompt from earlier.

Level Up!

Oh right, I didn't check my status so I had no idea I was close to leveling.


Name: Sethsamm

Title: N/A

Age: 19



Level: 3

Class: Rogue = 1

Job: Thief = 3

HP: 280 / 280

MP: 670 / 670

SP: 370 / 370

HP Regen: 24.8/min

MP Regen: 67.7/min

SP Regen: 34.7/min

EXP: 80 / 300

Strength: 9 = 10.8

Vitality: 6 = 7.2

Endurance: 8 = 10.8

Agility: 23 = 34.5

Dexterity: 19 = 32.3

Intelligence: 19 = 22.8

Wisdom: 13 = 9.1

Luck: 7 = 7

Wow, those slimes actually dealt a lot of damage. I only got hit twice though, so that tackle must've hurt a lot and... Actually, I don't feel pain anymore. So pain lasts only for a short while before being negated by [Video Game Body]. Good to know.

I then checked the Slime Core, but it was the same with the Metal Slime Core, only it was used for Alchemy only. Anyway, I had 3 more slimes to kill, then I can head home and play uso! Wonder how many points in Dex and Agi I can get from it?

A few more minutes of walking and I saw the 3 more slimes, but one was noticeably different. Instead of a Green Color, it had an orangish color. I used [Identify] on it naturally.

Name: N/A

HP: 250/250

MP: 150/150

So a miniboss, but I'm irritated that it won't show a lot of info damn it! That's it, I'm spamming [Identify] until it reached its next level.

Four [Identify] Later...

Yep, I was right, it was exponential. A quick check to the Magic window confirmed it. Anyway, time to use [Identify] again on the red goop.

Acid Slime

Name: N/A

HP: 250/250

MP: 150/150

... Okay, I need to eliminate that slime first. Reason being I don't want my clothes to get dissolved. My body's safe if I don't get my HP to 0.

Activating [Stealth], I slowly crept around the room, being careful to not garner the attention of the slimes. Thankfully, they didn't notice, if they even had more semblance of intelligence, I would be screwed all the way to the afterlife, so I'm thankful that my first enemies are mindless goops of puddle.

I approached the Acid Slime and did a [Backstab].


Gain 100 exp, 50 pesos

I'm lucky that [Backstab] is OP as hell in the early game. I focused my attention towards the remaining slimes and fought for my life. I got hit twice while I killed them both.

Slimes Killed: 10/10

Quest Completed!

[Quest: Kill ze Slimes!]

Your first combat quest, kill slimes, the mortal enemy of noob players.

[X] Kill 10 Slimes = 0/10

Bonus Objective:

[X] Finish the quest under 30 minutes.

[X] Kill a Metal Slime the first time you encounter it.

Rewards: 250 exp, 500 pesos, Slime Lotion

Bonus Rewards: #1 = 350 exp, 750 pesos, Slime Dagger : #2 = 500 exp, 1000 pesos, ?

Received Golden Lootbox x1!

Level up! X3

Lootbox? Golden? Yes please, gimme rare loot. But first, lemme check this Slime Dagger.

Slime Dagger – A dagger coated in slime, still sharp, but not that strong. Can summon an ally slime for a duration.

Atk = 15 + ([Agi+Dex]/2) : Durability = 30/30 : Crit Multiplier = 1.5

Special Ability = Summon Slime companion for Int seconds. 125 MP/cast

A summon type weapon? Good, now can let them aggro the enemies while I [Backstab] them. Also, it was about time I got something that can use MP, I got too much of it and [Identify] uses a laughable amount of it.

Name: Sethsamm

Title: N/A

Age: 19



Level: 6

Class: Rogue = 1

Job: Thief = 6

HP: 370 / 370

MP: 1150 / 1150

SP: 471.25 / 471.25

HP Regen: 34.7/min

MP Regen: 120.5/min

SP Regen: 45.8375/min

EXP: 140 / 600

Strength: 15= 18

Vitality: 9 = 10.8

Endurance: 11 = 14.85

Agility: 38 = 60.8

Dexterity: 31 = 52.7

Intelligence: 28 = 42

Wisdom: 19 = 14.25

Luck: 13 = 13

Now then, I guess it's time to open the lootbox. Fingers crossed, I want Legendary item.

Received Lightning Scythe!

Lightning Scythe – A regular Scythe that was infused with lightning. Applies Lightning damage to enemies struck.

ATK = 25 + Agi + Dex : Durability = 80/80 : Critical Multiplier = 2.5

Special Ability – Enemies hit receives an additional 50 Lightning Damage.

Oho? Ohohohohoho... Me likey the scythey... I have a thing for scythes okay. Problem is...

"How the hell do I fight with this thing?" I deadpanned. A sword, you can thrust or slash. A dagger is like a tiny version of a sword. A scythe though... I'll need some practice. I must be able to use its range to my advantage, that and make sure that the blade hits the enemy instead of the pole.

I put my dagger back into the inventory and had my scythe out. It was a head taller than me, but it was light so I had no problem carrying it. I gave it a few practice swipes to get familiarized with it. After a few minutes, I nodded to myself and began heading back. While on my way out, I was on the lookout for test dummies, a.k.a. slimes, to test out my scythe on.

Needless to say, when I found one, the slime was one-shotted. I gave a smile and continued back.

Maybe, just maybe, I can probably live a happy life with the game with me.


Once I got out of the house, I took my laptop out and began holding it under my arm and went back home. Of course, I went back towards the public Wi-fi area before going home to avoid suspicion on my route.

Once I got back home, I was greeted by my mother.

"Seth! Where've you been?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Public Wi-fi area," I replied with a shrug.

"Did you already eat?"

"... Not yet."

"Then eat! Food's ready on the table," she said before going back to her job.

Before eating though, I went back upstairs to place my laptop back where it belonged. After said task I ate the food ready on the table. Just the usual with this dirt-poor family. A cup of rice with fried eggs.

"Now, what should I do next?"

A loud sound reverberated around the area.