Quest Received!

[Quest: Escape!]

You have been kidnapped by an unknown group with malicious motives. Escape with your sister and get help!

[] Escape with your sister!

Bonus Objectives:

[] Don't be seen

[] Kill the leader

Rewards: 2500 exp, 5000 Legans, Mask of Ungiff

Bonus Rewards:

#1: 3500 exp, 7500 Legans, Cloak of Sotryon

#2: 7500 exp, 15500 Legans, Bracers of Thuzamoth

Quest automatically accepted

I ignored the window in favor of my current situation. We were in a cave, so I've no idea how long it's been since we were moved. Also, I would've noticed if somebody moved me and my twin. Was something there in the flower field?

Useless thoughts, stop thinking about the. Focus on the present. My scythe is still too big and heavy for me to handle, so all that's left is using my daggers. I looked around my cage and it looks like the bars were made if iron. Engraved shackles like those put on my twin sister clamped around my wrists and legs.

I noticed that they were draining my Mana at slow pace. If they were spying when I and Lyra trained (played), then they must've noticed the huge amount of Mana within her body. Since I didn't show everything to Lyra, they probably concluded that I was not that much of a threat without magic.

I'll make them regret that decision.

I grabbed the daggers from my inventory. Iron dagger on my left, and Slime dagger on my right. The iron bars were sturdy, but if there was one thing I learned about slimes in this world, it's that slimes produce acid within their bodies that can melt iron.

MP: 400 / 525

I summoned one slime to melt the bars. While the slime continued on melting the iron bars, I stood watch, trying to see if there were any guards around. Whenever one passed, I hid the slime and slumped down on the floor, blocking the melting iron from their sights. This didn't stop them from spitting on me, as well as hurling the common vulgar comments.

Sucks to be you, after being a member of one of the most toxic fandoms in my past life, all your swearing amounts to what an 8 year-old would say.

He left after having his fill of verbally assaulting me about how noble children are spoiled, how nobles ruined their lives and had to resort to crimes to get food on the table, and how unfair the world is.

Since I had no idea how other nobles think, I dismissed his claims and filed it into the corner of my mind. I'll deal with that when they want to threaten me or my family.

Once he was out of sight, the slime went back to work and 5 minutes later, the iron bar completely melted, creating a hole big enough for me to squeeze through. I moved silently, activating my [Stealth] skill that was already level 4.

The cave area I was in was just a room with a linear pathway in the exit. I creeped silently, and saw one man stacking up boxes and carrying them out with haste. I wasted no time after confirming he was the only one in the area.

He was the man earlier who hurled complaints about nobles at me. He might be a victim of others, but right now, in my eyes, all I see is a threat to the life of Lyra's and I.

SP: 175 / 225

I dashed and lodged the iron dagger under his jaw, stabbing it all the way to the brain while using [Backstab]. He wasn't able to scream since I pressed my tiny hand tight against his nose and mouth, cutting off his air intake. It took all I had to gently lay him down on the ground to not make sound.

Gain 525 exp, 375 Legans, Iron Dagger

Level up!

I dragged him into a dark area with the dagger still lodged inside him to lower the bleeding. I'll let him bleed once he's out of sight. I took the new dagger and inspected it for a few seconds. It was the same as my old one, so I'll put you back in inventory in case of emergencies.

While doing so, I heard a shrill scream echoing through the tunnels.

'FUCK! LYRA!' I mentally screamed and ran while activating [Stealth]. Running through the dark tunnels with only the seldom light from torches keeping the path lit. Fortunately, there wasn't anybody moving along the tunnels, so my rush continued unimpeded.

For doing an intense run, increase End and Agi by 2!

A few seconds of sprinting later, I came upon a room where two men were happily torturing Lyra.

"Hey, don't break her too hard. The buyer wanted her mind broken, not her body," the man dressed like a thug said with a sneer while the other, a female dressed in what you could call bondage garments licked her lips.

"Oh hush now, breaking a person's mind isn't easy," the woman said while brandishing a an iron pick the size of a needle. She slowly inserted it under the fingernail of the shivering Lyra. Then with a quick gesture, painfully removed the fingernail, causing Lyra to shriek in pain, her blindfold wet from tears. Blood trickled down the fingers where her nails were removed.

The woman laughed and grabbed a centipede from a jar full of them.

I stood there in rage at what they were doing towards my twin sister who wasn't even 5. I was so angry that I nearly blew my cover. I quickly reined in my anger and turned it into cold, calculated fury.

MP: 500 / 550

I made two magic arrows and had them point towards the woman. Based on my [Identify] on both of them, the stronger one was the woman, while the man was weaker. Thankfully, I can 100% hit my arrows at this range, so there was no real problem that I could accidentally hit my sister. I just needed to wait for an opening.

She approached Lyra, centipede in hand and proceeded to insert it in her ear. Taking that as my only opening, I shot the arrows and rushed towards the man with my dagger.

The two arrows lodged itself perfectly in her throat and head, while I stabbed the dumbfounded man through his jugular. The two of them died instantly and landed with a thud.

Gain 1425 exp, 655 Legans, Serrated Dirk

Level up!

Serrated Dirk – A dirk with a jagged edge. Useful for causing bleeding on targets.

Atk: 24 + ((Str+Agi+Dex)/1.5) : Durability: 35/35 : Crit Multiplier = 2.5

I ignored the window in favor of my shivering and bleeding mess of a sister.

"Lyra!" I rushed towards her and tried to undo the binds on her. She trembled in relief while choked sobs escaped her lips. First, I removed her blindfold and saw her eyes full of tears streaming down her cheeks. "Lyra, it's ok, it's ok… I'm here, don't cry… I'm not going anywhere."

"Se…th…" her cracked voice escaped her mouth as she looked at me.

I hugged her for emphasis as I tried to calm her down. She just kept on choking on her tears as she struggled to feel more of my warmth.

"I'm going to release you now, but promise me you won't use your magic," I said as I rummaged through the body of the woman for the keys to her binds. I found it and held the key to the locks of the cuffs. "Trust me, we need to be as quiet as possible, and your magic will give us away."

"… Ok…ay…" she said a little hesitant. I could garner a guess why, but this is not the time. I unlocked the cuffs and shackles and carried her weak body. Her wounds splattering blood on my ragged and dirty clothes.

I won't be able to fight now since I'm currently piggybacking Lyra. She stayed as still and quiet as possible. She was terrified, in agony, and exhausted from the torture session.

She will definitely be traumatized after this all blows over.

"Hey, you done yet? We're about to move ou-" another man dressed like a thug appeared from one of corridor opposite from where I came from. I quickly hid, staying out of sight, and judging from his expression he didn't see me. "Shit! WE GOT RUNNERS!"

His yell echoed along the cave and he quickly ran towards the pathway where it led to my cage. I waited for him to pass before quickly moving into the passageway where he came from. I prayed that there were some hiding spots along the way since I don't think I'll be able to both protect my and Lyra's life at the same time.

I ran through the passageway and heard some footsteps coming from ahead. I saw a large stone huge enough to barely contain both our bodies, but that was the best I was gonna get. So without any choice left, I ducked behind the stone and hopes that [Stealth] would do its best to hide us from the enemies.

"For fucks sake, if the merchandize manages to run away, I'll make sure you all suffer," the man whose voice I recognized as the one who kicked me earlier. He wore a tattered poncho above his brown leather vest. Various knives strapped to his chest with a pouch on his waist carrying more knives. Even on his legs, there were straps that held knives on them.

His face however was a motherfucking abomination. No lips, sunken eyes, and a nose too crooked to be even called a nose. He had no hair and was bald instead. I quickly used an [Identify] on him.

Name: Khald Thuzamoth

Title: Lone Survivor

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Level: 34

Str: 176

Vit: 182

End: 201

Agi: 232

Dex: 225

Int: 199

Wis: 212

Luc: 5

Bio: Lone Survivor of the Thuzamoth tribe, Khald seeks to get revenge on the woman who ended the lives of his entire family, who was now married to a noble, making it harder to touch her. Currently employed by an anonymous employer whose target was the family his revenge target was currently in.

Thoughts about you: Hatred, annoyance, anger, excitement

Well shit, looks like it was a good idea to hide instead of fight. I would be dead in seconds if I ever fought him as I currently am. He stopped suddenly and looked at our direction with a narrowed gaze. My breath hitched, and Lyra whose eyes were closed noticed the change.

She opened her eyes and saw the grotesque man slowly moving his way towards us. She froze in place, her eyes wide and mouth hanging, fear evident in her gaze.

I stayed as still as possible, doing my best to calm the beating of my heart. He moves closer and drew a knife from his chest straps and held it above.

"Boss! We can't find them!" a lackey appeared from where we were running from. Khald's reaction to it was incredibly negative. He threw the knife, a blur to my vision, and the next moment the knife was sticking out of his eye. He screamed before crashing to the ground lifeless.

Khald scratched his head in frustration. "You motherfucking idiots can't even get yer jobs right! Fucking hell, pack up, we're leaving. It won't be long before the Witch and her husband get here."

Once his orders were given, the lackeys who numbered three quickly got their stuff ready. Khald as well, followed the trio deeper inside to do something I don't know.

Once he was out of sight and earshot, I sighed a breath of relief and ran outside the opposite way they were headed. A few seconds later, I saw light peeking through at the end. I ran faster, pumping my legs harder than ever before, and we found ourselves under the pale moonlight.

I didn't recognize the area, but who cares. Right now, my main priority was getting away with my sister with our lives, so I ran in a random direction, farther away from the cave.

Minutes of running later, my legs felt like lead, but we managed to find a dirt path. A recognizable one at that. This was a path where I and my sister used to get to the flower field, and using that knowledge, raced back towards the estate.

We met with a guard shortly thereafter, which prompted him to blow a whistle to call for others. I sighed in relief that we were getting help, and my knees buckled as I passed out. The last thing I saw was the quest window showing that the quest was finished.

[Quest: Escape!]

You have been kidnapped by an unknown group with malicious motives. Escape with your sister and get help!

[X] Escape with your sister!

Bonus Objectives:

[X] Don't be seen

[O] Kill the leader

Rewards: 2500 exp, 5000 Legans, Mask of Ungiff

Bonus Rewards:

#1: 3500 exp, 7500 Legans, Cloak of Sotryon

#2: 7500 exp, 15500 Legans, Bracers of Thuzamoth

Level up! Level up! Level up!