One night, in the house of Lexey, a buxom woman, three rats were inside a vent feeling bored. they had no food, no use of entertainment, nada. The leader, Dolf comes up with a plan to get out of the house. He decides to steal Lexey's car keys and go on a joy ride with his bros, Kaan and Sama. And so the rats snuck into Lexey's room through the vent. They watched her having sex with her boyfriend, Ernest, a fit, muscular man. They ran towards Lexey's purse, which was laying on the floor, without making a noise. Dolf finds the key inside the purse and he, Kaan and Sama secretly leave the room while Lexey was too busy humping. The rats soon run towards the car. The three of them together open the door and go in. Dolf instructs his brothers to put the key in the ignition.

Meanwhile, Lexey was in the doggystyle position when she heard her car turning on. She quickly got out of bed by kicking Ernest on the chest. She watched as her car was driven by the rats, who flip her off before taking off. Lexey was shocked, then enraged that the rats stole her car. So she crashed through the window and fell off the roof of her home. She landed on a bush and then ran as fast as she can to get her car back, without realizing she was fully nude in public. Meanwhile, Dolf was using the wheel of Lexey's car and did a few donuts. Sama and Kaan then mooned some neighbors and laughed at them. Lexey was still running (and still in the nude) when she stopped by a gun shop to catch her breath. The shopkeeper noticed her and was distracted by her steamy figure and gave her a ton of guns. The guns were too heavy for Lexey to carry by herself, so she called a taxi.

The rats crash into a fast food restaurant and order some food. They leave the restaurant, leaving the damage they caused. While Dolf was eating, he got surprised by gunshots from the back window. He saw Lexey with a shotgun in the back of a taxi. He instructed his brothers to change gears to make the car faster. Lexey instructed the taxi driver to speed up as she climbed onto the roof the taxi and started shooting like crazy. The two cars raced from through the neighborhood towards the highway. Drivers were blinded by the shooting that they all crashed into one pile. Lexey started changing guns after running out of ammo one by one. She aimed for the wheel and shot it. The car flipped several times and crash-landed. The rats got out of the car wounded. Lexey angrily walked towards the rats and angrily stomped on them and finally aimed the gun at them. But before she can use her last bullets on the rats, a bunch of cops came and pointed their guns to Lexey. They all saw her naked and she suddenly realized it. She smiled to the cops, threw the gun away and tried to walk away, but before being tacked by tons of cops who piled on her and arrested her.

Lexey was charged with public nudity, attempted murder and use of guns without a permit and was sentenced to prison. After she was released, she was dropped off to home exhausted and still wearing a prison uniform. She went in her room and laid down on her face. Suddenly, she heard a car running, she looked out the window and saw that Dolf, Kaan and Sama once again stole the keys, and once again flipped off Lexey and once again took off for a joyride. Lexey was so angry that she ripped off the prison uniform and crashed through the window and landed hard on the ground. She was again running to get her car back, even if she was in the nude.