The year was 2203.

But the year is not important. It had been well over a hundred years since all my loved ones had died. Left.


I was in the future, a future I had created. The forests were all back, people using hover crafts and high tech electric cars for the roads. Nearly everyone had a power, one of the six gifts... except for one power... a power that would not leave me no matter what.


Was it me..? Or was it that no one that I touched on their eighteenth had the chemical or biological makeup?

I tended to agree with the latter. I was unique... I couldn't die. All of humanity hinged on that fact, a fact they didn't even question or ask, why?

I looked up to the stars, to the Queen's planet that was still so far away, even with our technology.

But I had a feeling in my heart, in my gut... that it was time for me to leave.

Leave where? You may ponder. Leave this galaxy. Leave this planet I had saved.

I bet in another alternate universe where I didn't exist that the world had been destroyed from the inhabitants it held inside its lands and continents.

But this universe, the world was healed, heck, the world was thriving.

And all because I had accidentally wiped out the whole of humanities' total collective memory.

A thought passed through my head, the look Finn had given me before he had gone, left me.

A look of deep sadness and regret.

Everyone who's memory I had wiped out 200 years ago was still stored in the many cracks and crannies of my brain. It was useless knowledge to the humanity I was living with now. The ancestors gone, and the newer generation believing any of the lies I made up.

And they would never question it.

Because questioning things led to undermining my authority. And to them, I was their God.

But it was not enough.

Like I said, I was looking at my only real friend's planet so very very far away. It was time I left and started again.

Like a game of claim and conquer. I was ready to push the human race forward. We were going to inhabit a new land, a new planet.

Earth would always be my home, but I wanted more... to explore. To live, breathe adventure.

But it worried me.

I came by the space station where a giant space ship, much bigger even than when the Titanic was being built, the space ship's voyage to the next liveable planet.

I shouldn't be comparing this ship to the Titanic though. Because where the Titanic had failed, mine would succeed. I had made the space engineers to not just be 100 per cent sure everything was safely constructed, but 110 per cent.

The ship was going to take in a million people. It was like a floating city. The trip? One hundred and thirty years.


I was going to be the one consistent in the lives of the passengers for the next century and a half. I just hoped I wouldn't go crazy.

I pleaded with myself not to go. To stay in the comfort of Earth. But I was unsettled here, I had seen everything the planet had to offer. It was time for me to move on.

The day was coming closer and closer to the ship's departure for space.

I was flying over the city, looking at the silver and glass buildings that towered high above the clouds.

The world was so populated now, and even though we could manage to feed and educate everyone on it, it was just using too much of the earth's resources.

We had just enough for the fifty billion residents on this planet. We had floating cities even. We had the virtual world – which personally I disagreed with, but then again, I was basically an ancient compared even to the oldest living person of this new age. I had to remind myself to ban the virtual world in the future. It had taken many people's lives with its addictiveness to excite constantly and thus making the real physical world dull and boring.

I flew so very high, greeting other flyers as they passed me. There were groups of friends, racing and playing air sports. There were telekinesis powered people helping with construction and the building of even more high tech newer buildings. Fashion wear had also advanced. At the moment, baggy shimmering pants were in with white shirts that played videos from the holograms of pictures that stretched on their chests.

The air was fresh and breathable. The whole world looking like that of a perfect Sims' game.

Everyone was happy... everyone was pleased and satisfied.

But like I've said a million times... I'm not normal.

I wish that I had known in the deep future how messed up my newer societies would get. I could never imagine that the future worlds I would live in would be so much worse...

I guess, because... I never imagined there would be another immortal like me. And that's the main problem as you see... because he would be like me.

I was not normal... never had been, never would be. I lacked something, and in replacement had many dangerous flaws. Some more so than the average new age person.

I was stuck with the mindset of a teenager. With the maturity of a teenager. I acted like I was a wise head on young shoulders, but I knew I was missing out on life... on the full spectrum of all life could give to someone who would keep ageing till they died.

I was alone in this predicament. All alone... for as long as I could tell.

Sure, we had made advances in extending people's ages... but whenever we were close to stopping the ageing problem completely... they died.

Died again and again.

I would forever be alone... that's what I believed.

So I stood just at the enormous space ship, watching wealthy people hand their tickets to the air hostesses and workers. People's paparazzi cameras flashed as I slowly walked up the stairs to the inside of this luxury cruise ship.

I stood still, a step away from entering my new home, new reality for the next one hundred and thirty years.

I looked up to the sky, seeing the planet of my friend so very far away. I just smiled and nodded my head.

One day we'd be together...

We were kindred spirits, and we both desired one thing more than anything else.


The heavy white metal doors began to close, and they sealed so tightly not a breath of air could escape.

Not that that mattered, the space ship was full of trees and even had a small national park.

We were all told to be seated as the ship started to churn from the inside. I closed my eyes, smiling gently. The ship, It pointed upwards towards the sky, and its engines' rumbled as fire started to burst out from below, blowing it upwards high into the atmosphere and in a few minutes we felt our bodies floating in zero gravity. We were kept safe because of our buckles and seat belts.

Soon the head pilot pushed the button and everyone fell back down into their seats, as the artificial gravity had been pressed on.

I unbuckled myself when the seat belt warning light had switched off, and got up walking over to the tripled glazed observation window, looking at the blue healthy planet below me.

They would be okay without me.

I had lived my life, and it was now time to live a new one.

Someone approached me, tapping me on my shoulder and I turned around, seeing a blonde young man looking at me with nervous eyes.

"Excuse me, Great Luke... today's a special day for me and I was wondering if-"

"I could give you a gift?" I spelt out basically exactly what I thought he wanted.

"Yeah... it's my eighteenth... so..?"

"Whatever," I replied with a roll of my ancient blue eyes. I lifted my finger to his forehead and asked barely interested, "What's your name, anyway?"

"Sebastian," He replied, a twinkle in his eyes, "Sebastian Cruise,"

Then I saw the power leave me, a gift I had never given before... but it left me and I uttered, afraid.


Sebastian's eyebrow cocked up, as he uttered out shocked, "-Wait, WHAT?!"