Lights flashing in my eyes. I was being held down by heavy straps on a table that felt like a surgeon's medical bed.

I couldn't speak, couldn't say a word as my mouth had been concealed from what I can only describe as something similar to sticky tape. I screamed and screamed but none of my words were heard. All of them were but muffled from the tape.

I then decided to do the one other thing I could. Look around my abductor's prison room, get as much eye witness of the event as I could.

That's when I saw him. He had huge oval black eyes, a bulbous forehead and grey skin all around. It looked like whatever he was, he was naked and didn't even have the common courtesy to cover his shame.

I screamed again.

There was more than one of him, there were several. They peered over me, watching me with their soulless alien eyes.

"LET ME GO!" I yelled, but it was all but muffled from the tape. Were they going to cut me open? Were they going to harvest my organs?!

No... they did neither of those things. Instead, I saw the leader of them sit down next to my surgery table, and he looked at me... like he could feel my pain and sympathized with my agony.

Slowly, two of them approached him with a plastic cooler, and he carefully opened it. I watched, sweat slipping down my forehead, as he slowly pulled out a giant needle. And the serum in the needle was coloured blue.

I thrashed about on the metal bed, trying to move away from the needle's point, but he gently pushed it into my arm's vein, and his grey finger pressed down the lever, injecting me with what I could only assume was poison.

I felt my body begin to react instantly to the serum, like my insides were transforming, changing.

He then pulled out another serum, but this one was pink.

Again, he carefully injected me, again I felt the agony of my body morphing and accepting the foreign liquid in my blood.

Four more times he did this, for more coloured serums entered my bloodstream, my DNA.

Yellow, green, red and orange.

Was this ever going to end?!

Finally, he peered back down at me and smiled, more with his eyes than with the small slit that was his mouth. He reached his hand to my own eyes and somehow got me to close them. The last thing I saw in that second was how happy he looked. How... how happy that they had accomplished this.

When I opened my eyes again I was in a deserted park with the moon in the sky instead of the sun. I didn't know how much time had escaped me, but I looked at the stone pillar in the middle of the city park and saw it saw 11:30.

ELEVEN THIRTY?! My mind screamed in shock, and I quickly stood up. I looked around me, seeing my bag was laying beside where I had been, and I hastily picked it up, pulling it onto my back.

Then I remembered – Finn's PRESENT!

I looked around for it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Had the aliens taken it? What use would they have with a human package? I didn't even know what was in it, but I knew it wouldn't be useful to anyone but me.

I slammed my foot onto the grassy ground, before peering around jadedly in case there were some thugs in the area.

When I saw there was none, I rushed onto the footpath that cut through the green grassy spaces and hurried my way home.

As I wandered through the dark city, I saw a group of a couple of guys ahead of me, blocking my passage.

Great! I'd have to go the long way round. I sighed, about to turn and take the long route when I suddenly heard one of them shout.

"Hey, you!"

I jolted in terror, about to run away but saw the gang quickly approach me. I only had the street lamps for light, the darkness was in the alley I was going to take. WAS I should emphasize.

They surrounded me quickly, my heart panicking and at that moment I wish I would just disappear.

Funny thing is, I did.

"Where'd he go?!" One of the men yelled, the five of them glaring at where I was standing, but seeing through me like I wasn't there at all.

I stayed perfectly still as they observed the empty place I'd been. One of them whispered.

"A ghost?"

The leader quipped his friend over the head for the stupid response.

"Dumb ass." He said to him and waved his gang to head off and try they luck with another defensive person that walked near their territory.

I sighed so heavily, and in that moment my body reappeared back to the naked eye. I looked side to side frantically, before taking the long way back to my family home.

I knocked on the door, rattling my knuckles against the wood in panic. I twisted the handle to see that it was unlocked and I slowly pushed it open a crack, looking through quietly and seeing my mother standing up in the hallway talking to a policeman. My mouth opened barely, in surprise.

When the door had opened, the sound of the street entered the house, and my mum and the policeman glanced down the way to see what it was.

My mother literally broke down into tears of joy the moment she witnessed my return. She ran over to me and flung her arms around me. I stayed perfectly still. I was eyeing the policeman and he tilted his hat to me as if to say, that'll do.


"Aliens..." I only uttered. My mum crooked her head, the policeman's face just as confused.

"What, honey?"

"I... was abducted by aliens," I said my words carefully, trying not to sound like a loony or crazy person.

"You can tell us the truth..." My mum told me, begging me not to go down this route.

"I am..."

Kid's insane.

I glanced up at the policeman when he said that.

"I'm not," I replied.

"Not what?" My mother asked me, letting go of her hold on me and standing beside the policeman again.

"I'm NOT insane."

"No one called you that." The policeman replied, but I heard his voice say again, this kid is crazy.

"Look, we'll discuss what happened to you later, go heat up dinner, Luke, and then we'll talk."

"...fine," I said, my tone angry and nearly coming out as a hiss. I entered our kitchen and put my meal on in the microwave for three minutes. I could hear my mum saying to the policeman.

"He's never really been the same since his father left."

"How long ago was that, ma'am? If you don't mind me asking?"

"When he was ten... today's his birthday."

"Eight years," He let out a long whistle, "Growing up without a dad, don't know how tough that would be."

"It's hard on me too."

"I'd assume." He continued and pulled opened the front door, tipping his hat to her once more, "If there are any other problems, don't feel scared to ring us. And maybe, keep an eye on that 'alien' talk."

I didn't hear her reply, I think because she had nodded her head as an answer to the policeman's advice.

I heard the microwave beep just then and I took out my meal. It was a lovely Chinese stir fry dish. I enjoyed it a lot. I sat there on our small dining table and munched away on the meal.

I hope he'll like the cake I got him.

I blinked up, looking around for where my mother was. I had heard her voice, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Cake?" I asked aloud, and my mother entered the room, carrying a medium-sized cake on a large plate.

"Yes!" My mum said sheepishly as if I had ruined the surprise, how did he know?

Okay, that time I noticed that my mum's lips didn't move at all when she had spoken. Was that... was that her thinking?

She placed the candlelit cake on the table just as I was finishing my dinner. I pushed my dirty plate aside and brought the cake close to my face.

My mother stood away down the table, a digital camera in her hands and she snapped a few pictures of me. Some before I had blown out the candles, some when I was doing the act, and the last one where I smiled shyly up to the camera lens.

"Wonderful," My mother said and handed me the knife. I slowly looked around to see how many people would need a slice. Then I realized... it was just me and her.

It hurt inside just then, it cut deep.

There were only two of us.

So I cut the cake in half.