Jo had no idea that she would finally make human contact again, but she only hoped this one would turn out better than her last "same-species reunion". She'd discovered a group of men only to be forced to be their "toy" if she wanted to stay in the group. Yeah right, like she would stay there.

Wes seemed nice enough, and he seemed smart enough to know how biters transform. His short, curly black hair and green eyes were very cool. He was lanky but still ripped with muscle probably from wielding that machete. His skin was a dark brown. Jo wondered if she should've made the better decision and grabbed the bat in that sports store instead of the knife. Then, maybe she would have had the strength to not get bit again.

She winced at the thought of the wound. She should've cleaned out the wound when she had a chance. Regular human saliva is already pretty toxic. Walkers probably are ten times worse. However, she said nothing and didn't complain in hopes to get on Wes's good side. She'd been bit in the arm several times before but never on the shoulder. Every time she so much as shrugged and the wound stung in complaint. All she could think to do was sleep, so she did. Not before singing a few verses of her mom's favorite lullaby though. It soothed her.

When the shadows unfold,

When the sun hides its gold,

When the wind and the cold come calling,

When the path isn't clear,

And the stars disappear,

As the endless midnight's falling

At the edge of the sky,

There's a moon hanging high,

When you're lost,

It'll try to remind you.

On a dark, desert night,

You can look to the light,

'Cause it's shining there to guide you.

Desert Moon, Light the way

'Till the dark, turns to day,

Like a lamp in the lonely night,

Bright and blue.

Desert Moon, Wild and free,

Will it burn, just for me.

So shine down, shine down,

'Till I find my way, to you.

Finishing the song softly, Jo leaned her head back to rest it on the bars behind her. Seeking sleep, she closed her eyes, only to open them right back up when she heard a low moan. She silently gasped and waited for a zombie to break down the front door. But the monster didn't come from the door, it came from upstairs.

The stumbling thing tumbled down to the bottom followed by two more. Jo stayed silent in hopes that it would look right past her, but her luck was beyond her today as the beast turned to look straight into her eyes.

"Wes!" she called, "We've got company!" Jo kicked the creature away before repeating her shout. But no assistance came, the living room doorway remained empty and Jo was alone.

"Well," she muttered, "Someone must be a heavy sleeper." She kicked back the infected again but that wouldn't work for long. Jo struggled against the rope binding her hands with hope that it would simply snap, but no, it just irritated the skin around her wrists and gave her blisters. In a moment of distraction, an infected had reached her foot and bit in ferociously. Jo tore her foot away and searched for anything that might help her.

My dagger! She thought and reached for the sheath which was tied to her belt. Just managing to snag the hilt, Jo released the dagger and got ready to cut herself free. But, would Wes trust her if she didn't stay where she said she would? Jo hesitated, which gave another zombie a chance to bite into the same ankle. No, she couldn't lose the chance of having a friend facing the world, so she stayed put and twisted her arms so the dagger poked through the bars. Calling the beast forward, Jo dodged its attack and its skull was struck with the blade. Then, she used the same trick for the other two.

Perfect! They were all dead! Oh, but now she had to sit next to three dead bodies until Wes woke up. Great. Well, someone might as well keep watch.

Jo continued to sing as the hours ticked by. It kept her awake and hopefully would guide all of the monsters to her instead of the sleeping boy next door.