Jo watched the car disappear through the front window before walking over to the kitchen to take stock of all of her supplies. In all honesty, she had never wanted to stay behind, but nothing had felt so off putting as when she couldn't help the group except cook. So, Jo decided to stay and wait till she could help others.

Jo placed her cans and small packs of crackers into the pantry and went to sit down on the couch. She pulled out her pack and began to sort through that as well. Before she could get very far, she found the photo album that Wes had given her. Since when did he have time to swipe it? The zombies had already taken over the house when they had left.

She ran her hand over the cover. This was her baby album. Her mother had placed her name on the cover and her eyes began to water as she opened the cover. Stuck to the inside were her ultrasounds. After that was her mother in a hospital bed, an oxygen mask covering her nose and mouth. Jo sat in a crib on the next page surrounded by her family. She stood by what she had said when she had shown Wes the album in the first place: she was cursed by Voldemort as a baby.

She looked through the rest of the album as tears began to run down her face. Her family had meant everything to her, yet they had decided to leave her behind. She reflected on what Wes said. Sometimes it shows who you were and how you've changed. In her youth, Jo had been frail and skinny. Knobbly knees and years of her family quoting Rudolf trying to get her to eat more. "Eat Papa, Eat." echoed in her brain. Jo stood back up to look in the bathroom.

Now, she was still skinny, but her limbs were more willowy than stick-like. Her weight was healthy and she had a few curves. She looked strong and her mind flitted back to when she had fought off all of those mobs. She really had changed. More because of her work and the change of the times, but still, it was changed.

She sat back down thinking of how far the others would get before finding trouble. She had no idea. After all, Wes had survived for months on his own, Emma, John, and Belle could've been on their own for longer. She wished that she had waited a little longer before deciding to stay behind. Both Emma and John were super kind people. Belle, she could've gone her entire life without meeting but that was just how life worked.

Jo sat up suddenly. She had never gotten to read Wes' book. She leaned back down onto her back. It didn't matter, hopefully he'd be able to continue his passion if he had wanted to. Jo calmly pulled out her backpack again and pulled out some supplies for her secret talent. The girl pulled out an organizer full of beads and a spool of beading cord.

Back in high school, she'd found that she had liked the elective, Jewelry, as she'd been studying, so while she had studied for her AP classes, the girl used her time to learn how to make simple pieces of jewelry. Before the apocalypse, her friends were basically walking brand names for her pieces. In truth, she had learned how to make more complex pieces awing her friends every time.

Now, she calmly squinted in the dim cabin and began to string beads on the cord and knot around them in particular designs. It wasn't until she had finished that she realized that she had made a man's bracelet. It was more of a wrap around cuff that clasped with a button through a loop at both ends.

She set it aside and began to work on another.

Jo had no idea what she was going to do. Walkers were not common around this area but they still gathered at sunset. After about a week of staying at the house, she disregarded the pain in her knee and kept heading West. She'd been able to take out the stitches a while ago and the wound was healing well, but a large scar still stretched across the cap.

Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to keep going. She limped along the road and after a few days, she'd already traveled about forty miles. At the moment, she had found a mountain home that looked expensive. It had several cars in the garage and several rooms. At the sight of the home, she'd actually cried out in happiness only to clap her hand over her mouth as three walkers had zoned in on the noise.

Jo had found evidence of the others as well. She suspected that Wes was leaving a trail. The cabinets were cleared out but she always was able to find a few cans next to a note of paper. Usually notes of encouragement or a simple 'W' to let her know that she was following them.

It was comforting, but Jo missed the company. Not just Wes, although he was most of the cause for the disappointing feelings. Emma and John had been kind and nice people to be around. Even Belle had at least provided conversation.

Jo laid out on a bed that felt like clouds. She opened the can of green beans that had been left behind. After finishing it, she laid her head down and fell asleep to the feeling of wistful memories.

The sound of the front door opening awoke Jo. She learched up and pulled out a flashlight in one hand and her dagger in the other. She limped over to the bedroom door. The house had a loft bedroom which she had decided was probably the safest location. Outside the door was a set of stairs, she made her way down but almost fell on the last step. The fumble echoed throughout the quiet and Jo heard someone yell, "Hello?!"

Jo said nothing, scared of people who seek to steal food. Apparently the person thought it was the wind because no other sound was made. She crept as quietly as possible over to the source of the sound while simultaneously turning off her own light. There was the sound of shuffling around the kitchen and a light sound came from the intruder. Somewhere between a growl and a whimper.

Jo made to creep into the kitchen but she didn't have to get that far, a light shined right into her eyes and she found herself blinded. Not expecting the light, she stumbled back into the wall and made the mistake of stepping on her weak leg. She fell and knocked her head against the wall.

"Oh my god!" she heard as she felt someone grab hold of her shoulders and help her sit up. "I thought I wouldn't see you again!"