Wes POV:

Wes woke up to the sound of a voice floating through the house.

Bummerland, here I am,

Better nix my summer plans.

Wes wandered in its direction only to find Jo sitting next to three dead infected. Her eyes revealed huge bags and she looked like she'd been attacked in the night.

"Oh my god," he cried, as he stumbled over to cut her bonds. "Why didn't you call for help?"

Jo gave him a tired sigh and looked away simply saying, "I did."

Wes had never felt so much shame as he did at that moment.

"I thought you checked upstairs," Jo said.

Wes blushed in his realization of how he had lacked the wisdom to thoroughly search the rooms.

Jo only sighed and held out her hands as best as she could. Wes quickly cut the rope and Jo stumbled forward, basically into his arms. Wes blushed but the contact ended as quickly as it started as Jo sank to the bloody floor in a faint.

Well, shit! Now what? But Wes didn't have to answer the question as Jo woke up as soon as she hit the floor and took a shaky breath. She crawled over to the medical station that she still had yet to clean up. She poured some more of that awful liquid that had stung Wes's head last night and blindly tried to dab at the wound on her shoulder. She missed the bite by a solid six inches.

Wes walked forward, "Here, let me," he said. So he dabbed at the bite with as much care as he could. Wes was shocked to find that while he had jumped on contact with the solution, Jo didn't even move or wince or do anything when he washed out the wound. She then handed him some gauze to tape on the wound and he did so with as much knowledge he could muster. Then, Jo lifted her shaking hands and examined the broken blisters that had appeared from the rub of the rope. Wes winced in sympathy and didn't even hesitate to start washing out those wounds too. Her hands were surprisingly soft and delicate for her ability to work with her dagger and her skin was ice cold. Wes didn't even need for her to help him as he quickly found a small ace bandage to wrap around each wrist. Then, Jo leaned down and took off her shoe to reveal three distinct bites on her right ankle.

Wes sighed and remarked, "Well, I guess there's no denying that you're immune now."

Jo didn't even look up, she simply shrugged and reached for the bottle of cleaning solution. Wes in a fit of shame beat her to it and helped her once again. Once everything was bandaged and clean. Jo spoke for the first time in a while.

"What are you looking for out here? You're definitely not from Colorado."

Wes chuckled and said, "No, I'm from California, and I'm trying to get back to my parents."

"Me too."

Wes looked up into her blue eyes and smiled, "Maybe we can help each other out then, for the time being."

The corners of Jo's lips turned upward and she nodded. "I just have to get back to Denver. My family should be there."