"Two glasses."

"Vermouth? Gin?"

"No – Kir for me," I turned towards Ludwig, "And you?"

He eyed the shelves for a bit before finally replying, "Gin is fine, I suppose."

"Alright," the bartender turned towards the shelves, leaving the two of us.

I looked around the beer hall. Apparently, there was a large gathering of businessmen and government officials here. Both of us felt quite like the odd one out, to be honest. As I continued to scan the area, the bartender finally returned.

He put the two glasses in front of us, "Here, gentlemen."

I take my wine glass, while Ludwig takes the other one. Both of us decided to choose the table on the corner of the room, since it's a bit uncomfortable being surrounded by so many people.

"Why did you pick this place, again?" I narrowed my eyes towards him.

"Dunno, this is the closest from where we were before, right?" He shrugged as he takes a sip from his glass.

"Well, I don't think you'd want to get drunk, considering," I pointed towards the podium where the Bavarian minister is speaking, "there is a large meeting happening, and the Prime Minister is speaking."

He only raised his eyebrow in reply.

I took another sip from my glass. Ludwig simply shrugged it off as I looked towards the podium. I've been feeling a bit uneasy for the past few hours, though I'm still doing just fine.

"What's wrong?" he asked.


"What's wrong?" he repeated, "You look rather tense today."

"Uh, nothing much, really," I leaned my temple on my palm – I'm pretty sure my cheeks were already flushed at this point, though I'm still very much awake and aware of my surroundings as far as I'm concerned, "It's just that, the murder case from that day …"

My head drooped down as I trailed off. He went silent after that, focusing back on his drink instead. Both of us were content with the comfortable silence, leaving each to our own thought.



The constant nudge from him broke my trance as I turned towards him with an annoyed look. His face was silent, seemingly a bit shocked, as he subtly pointed his finger towards the entrance of the room. As soon as I turned around however, my expression followed suit.

Hushes and whispers soon filled the room as hundreds of armed militias in brown forcibly entered the room. Some immediately shut their lips, while others shouted and yelled all over the hall as commotion broke out following the sudden entrance.

"Sturmabteilung," he whispered, too stunned to wipe his eyes away from the scene, "What are they doing here?"

"Who knows? I mean, they usually gather around here, don't they?" I replied, my eyes wandering around the room. Then, a figure caught my attention.

"Look, that person over there," I pointed my finger towards the person bursting into the hall, easily recognizable through his standing-out dark blue attire – and obviously, the moustache, "What's he doing?"

"Who knows?" he whispered back, looking towards the stream of soldiers entering the room.

"Come on, let's leave before trouble breaks out," I whispered towards him, grabbing his arm as I quickly dashed towards the door. However, one of the soldiers in brown uniform immediately pointed his rifle at me, forcing both of us to sit back down again.

"Silence!" Someone shouted.

As I tried to quickly process the situation in my mind, a gunshot was heard. The situation was quickly spiraling out of control, and everyone else's bewildered reaction didn't help in the slightest at all.

Another shot came in quick succession, and the person in dark blue clothing shouted, from the podium, with his gun raised towards the ceiling.

"The National Revolution has begun! No one may leave this hall!"

Thus, as the soldiers move to occupy every corner of the room, as the people stand still in silence, as the suddenly tightening hall becomes tense with every passing second …

… the beginning of the infamous putsch was set into motion.