She crashed through the forest, low hanging branches getting caught and pulled along with her long black hair. Hiking up her long thick skirts she continued on as best as she could. The rocks and bushes cutting her bare feet. She tripped on a small boulder in the path and it sent her crashing straight into a thick prickly bush. Crying out in pain she rolled off the bush, thorns sticking to her skin and hair, she lay there tears pricking the corners of her eyes. She heard the barking of dogs in the distance and the shouts of angry men in the distance growing ever closer. They're looking for me, she thought dejectedly. She turned her head to see the setting of the orange sun bleeding into the horizon. In the distance, she saw what she thought was a humanoid figure. Dressed from head to toe in furs and animal skins piled on top of each other. The figure grew closer and closer to her position on the ground, and stood right in front of her just as she passed out she felt the stranger pick her up and place her on top of his horse and divert the attention of the hunters away from them. Just as her purple eyes slid shut she tried to catch a glimpse of her mysterious stranger.

She awakened to the sound of a crackling fire. She shot straight up from her position on the floor the heavy pelts that had been covering her slid off of her shoulders. She gave a shiver as the cold air hit her exposed skin, and stood up leaving the furs that had been covering her in s heap on the floor. She heard a song snort from the cave entrance and she turned her head towards the sound to see a dappled grey horse staring at her, its deep dark eyes looking right through her. Its heavy-lidded eyes looked at her with human intelligence.

A deep voice resonated through the cave "I thought you'd never wake up. You looked like you were in trouble and so I thought I'd intervene, you would probably be dead if I hadn't."

She turned around to see a tall lean man with tanned skin and dark black hair hanging down in waves around his handsome face. He held out a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon inside to her.

"Eat, it will make you feel better. We need to start moving again soon." She took the bowl offered to her and the man turned away from her and st down next to the fire. Offering no further explanation she decided to sit down next to down next to him and stared into the bowl of food that he offered her. The mixture in the bowl had a strange thick texture to it and was an off white colour. She spooned some of the strange mixture onto the spoon and let it fall back into the bowl with a strange plop.

"It's just porridge." the strange man interjected. She brought the spoon up to her mouth and swallowed it. It was strange and tasteless but not unpleasant. The strange man picked up his own bowl and started to eat.

Plucking up the courage to speak she asked something that had been bothering her "What's your name?"

The man smiled at her and said "My name is Chandra" he said his eyes full of mirth "What do I call you stranger?"

"Flaviana" she replied in a quiet voice. She stared at the fire in silence for a bit and asked: "If I may ask why did you save me?"

"You looked like you need help and I was in the area that's all. Now may I ask you a question?

"If you must," she said wearily "Why were those men chasing you?"

She turned away from Chandra and whispered her answer "Anything but that, the reason painful to think about." Chandra gave a weary sigh "If you won't tell me then may I take a guess?" Without even waiting for a response he said "Is it because of your eyes? They have a very interesting colour to them."

Flaviana just gave a small silent nod, they are an unusual colour and the villagers decided that the most recent famine that struck the village must be my fault." she said.