In the time that I have been riding this train to Venice Italy, I have been reading this book that seems to have found its way to me, and I'm shocked at what I have learned I did in a lapse of amnesia, It kind of saddens me to think that those three were the family that found me after the king ordered me off a cliff into the nile river, but I can't fix their fate, I start to tear up, I hated fate it hurts so many people, all in the process of harming me, but all I can do is keep defying it, in the symbolism I write the beginning of this story, Horus knows what will happen to me now. Entry I-my beginning Dear Diary I didn't see this happening. Did anyone know it would happen like this? Is it weird that I have no knowledge of my life before age 13? I can only see pictures And It was from those pictures, nightmares that I see from my teenage years; through them, I learned how to live. Let me start from the beginning, my name is Kaliya, Kaliya Amber. The name's a chain to my land in the middle east, at least I believed so, I had images of sand, lots of sand. I was running along and eating things. Then a red-haired girl comes up to me and I'm walking and talking after, my voice seemed to be a different voice pitch, but still a beautiful sound, So I practiced talking, and It turned out I was surprisingly intelligent for being born yesterday, I say born yesterday because I was 17 when my eyes opened, I had no recollection since then, it wasn't long till I found myself in the Desert city not long I was roped and gagged and thrown at the ground, roped and gagged and blindfolded, only in blackness and taken into the pitfalls and fights, and used as the private practice dummy as a military opponent for a tyrant king's royal army and deathsquads, otherwise known as the medjays, the private police of the king, since only 18 year and older militants could be pushed into the training, it only sounds like a loophole for the king to pick up orphans, and bought slaves and feed us to the private army of the royals from the streets and use them as target practice I read their story, the Jewish understanding that I will take with me, I read this with no knowledge but of the person I once was, perhaps one day I will find a way to be that person, but sadly I will not be able to meet those people, and for that, I consider my amnesiac self lucky that she had a family, while I am once again without one, once again an orphan. I wipe my tears away and close my book and slip it into my bag and get out and look around Venice, it's different, more solid, more foreign well of course I'm not in Egypt anymore, all I can do is find a place to rest, I'm tired and hungry and sick of life. But I'm also a survivalist, so I start looking for a map for stores. It looks like I'll have to start being a thief for a time. I start walking down the street, hearing music but where? I go into my bag and find something confusing, a harmonica, curious what was this doing in here? I walk up through the center of the water city and over the Railto bridge to a girl with black hair and strangely emerald green eyes, and she's playing the guitar, very beautifully, "You play good" I say and yet she ignores me, shes starts singing, and I'm listening to her play, and the song sounds strangely familiar, and I realize she's playing Kansas's "carry on my wayward son" and Im impressed, shes so professional and I get inspired, sure enough, right at the moment I sense her break I jump in and start playing my harmonica, I don't know how but she does and I sense my host does and she's guiding me in it, we play the best solo on the street, and The girl is interested my skill she jumps back on and finishes the song and we end with a high point in her guitar and my harmonica, and we have actually brought forth a crowd that have showered us with money, and I smile at her, she has a powerful demeanor finally I step forward to her and I thank her for the music and she offers me 17 euros, And I bow to her and she goes back to pick up her guitar. I have nothing to lose a friend to gain so I ask "uhh so I'm new and want to grab a bite I"m.." I stop because the girl is very put offish so I take that as a no and drop my head, though surprisingly she throws a helmet at me. "Well, what's keeping you? if you are treating me I can't say no '' I can't stop smiling and we head to a nearby ice cream shop and we start talking. I find out her name is Selena, and she's the daughter of the NIght family, she's rich but she plays music for fun and does art for interest. I nod over a cone and she asks me my story. What was I supposed to say? I'm a trafficked refugee from the other side of the world? "I'm Kaliya, I'm 17, I like to read, write, and do sign language, I'm also an avid singer" She notices me and asks me how far from where I live and I can't keep myself from tearing up. Suddenly a group of Carabinieri police forces shows up, unaware that I broke from the Trieste 'Evading arrest are we?" my head flies so fast at her my neck cracks "no not really I'm just" Selena chuckles and her laugh is beautiful, then again now that I notice everything about her is beautiful. "I was joking either that or you have the hots for cops and handcuffs" "I look down because she doesn't know how close to the truth she was, I'm fearful of cops right now. I get up and head to the bathroom unwilling to have her hear me cry. But before I can I look at the TVs that are displaying me, and I'm shocked how quickly it's revealed. Selena looked at me, not too shocked, or not showing it. "Alright come on" She grabs me and pulls me to the back just the cops from the front are following me, this isn't my doing something was up about Selena I need to be careful who I call friends. Finally, she pushes me out the back of the restaurant and drops into a bush, hiding outside the restaurant and the cops just look around, where did they go? That's the question. Meanwhile, I'm now trying to get her to let me go. "Ok ok I'll tell you, get off of me" I yank my arm and puller into me and this surprises her as she falls on top of me. "You're strong for a little one" I sigh and get up and tell her my real story, unsure if she's not gonna believe me, I show her my book and the stories I know and she's doing math in her head. "That would make you over 1000 year old. You only look 13, I'm only 15" and then I scowl. "I am over 1000, years old, my host is only 13...I'm a kitsune" Selena wasn't one to listen to fairy tales, finally she spoke. "If you are a host then you can shift into..a fox? Prove it I'll believe it then but right now I can only see what I can see a little girl running from the police if you can prove to me your story exists I'll see what I can do if not we cut ties here" I'm shocked mainly because this girl is smart but cruel, if anything goes wrong she'll feed me to the m military dogs. Looks like she doesn't give me much room for error." but I can't do it here, I strip in fox form" Selena widens her eyes and crosses her arms. "Come with me, my brother Ciaran are the only ones at the house at the moment, you can reveal yourself there" I scowl back shes gonna take me home to strip that scenario sounds familiar and an image Appears before my eyes "What is your name, little one? Are you hungry? You seem scared and cold let's get you out of those wet clothes" I looked around the house, it was hot out and yet the water made me shiver and my voice jumped in pitch as I sneezed. I didn't want to get sick so I went along with her. She takes me into another room, her room looked and asks me to take off my clothes. At first, I was hesitant. I don't think it's wise so I tell her "You don't know me, why I should bare my body to strangers?" I ask a little bashful. I snap back and I question where that memory came from, it wasn't mine, but I'll answer that after I get this challenge out of the way. I nod and She walks me heading to her house. The walk was pretty remedial especially considering I haven't talked to anyone for what appears to be the last 3 days, I thought I was going mute. In the end, we get to a massive house in the foliage, and as I enter into the house, I hear voices, "Ciaran I brought someone" I blush like I'm dating her, and soon an older male with burgundy hair leaves the room and walks over to the banister. "Sister Luv why did you bring a street urchin here mom and dad dont want you leaving for that reason you always bring guest home" I look down, majorly embarrassed, I'm about to cry. "I'm leaving I won't take that" as I turn away and head out the door I suddenly feel someone on my back wrapping their arms around my throat and soon, once again my world goes black... It's in the blackness I see my host, she is my host a smile is on her face and she's looking at me, I'm in my full form, I'm a 4'5 footed fox with Egyptian clothes on and this girl is a scarlet haired girl the mix is uncanny and I understand what she's asking; aren't you tired of running? I am but I have no choice, every chance I get I'm forced into running from someone or something, then I realize that this girl took me in and I have to prove exactly what I am and what? She'll take me in? Questionable, from my dreams I hear voices. "You brought a strange girl here for what? We don't have the luxury of bringing random people here she may rob us or attack us" Selena wiped my brow and looked at him. "She claims to be a kitsune, a supernaturalist it's what Mom and dad are looking for" "They all doo Selena every street in this city has a con" I lean up and they look at me. I sigh, and I get up, and I'm calm and look at them both. "If I prove to you what I am you have to protect me, I've told Selena, was it? That my family was killed in the Italian camp, I'm alone, I have nothing to lose so what I shall show you are on purpose and for" Selena nods but Ciaran crosses his arms. "Better be good let's see this" I sigh and take a deep breath and feel myself stretch, I stretch my arms, my neck, my chest, I let my energy flow outwards like I've been holding in and as I let go I feel my aura flow out and with black ears, and even my tail flows out and finally, I open my eyes and my full form the form of my real self matching my host's wavelength is finished and I look at them through cerulean eyes, and the target is pretty shocked. "" "Can you go back?" they both seemed interested and I glared at them. "We had a deal? I get to stay at least for the time being" Selena came forward and patted me on the back and I braced for the worst. "Well I hold to my word, I say you can but you have two more blocks, my older brother is one" Ciaran looked at her and followed around and fondled and experimented on her, questioning her realness Finally he scoffed and looked at her. "You're an honorary child the night until Mom and Dad say different, then we review, but your eyes will be an issue. I nod and as I shift back I add a little detail and when they look into their own eyes, they see amazement, it was in that moment that my voice rings true and I said the most uplifting thing possible for me to hear that they understood all too well. this is maybe my story's ending but it's our beginning, the story of the children of Night has just begun... FIN