Salute, you'd know me as Caleb and by the time I have left I'm writing my views as a traitor in hopes that the next one reading this will start fighting back. `Let me start from the beginning,

Before humans got complacent, and flipped our world upside down, the death of Hitler in WWII caused the fall and the scattering of the Nazi death knights rocked Europe, moreso Rome, because of it, the highpoint of the religious world created and sent "warlocks" -a faction of Hunters that are forced into the shadow fields, Demonic, Satanic, Dark, evil all kinds of situations that would otherwise be given the B to SS danger Rank. It was a good move given the situation of the world, but it rattled the supernatural hornet's nest. the Vatican took full control and the different races were forced out of hiding and war of the worlds happened between two sides of power; the

power; the good, the pure and decent, against those who rebel against the world's democracy, and it's followers. The world was bathed in blood, and lives went into the night endlessly and needlessly. For 13 days and thirteen nights the worst of prophecy on November, Friday the 13th war was a constant. This is the World's story, a world of discord and chaos under blood-red mist, wars are fought in secret by both sides and it is the Vatican

who empowered those to fight back, welcome to the world we now live in, after the third millennium where the setting right now is the peninsula of Europe we prefer to use blades, magic, and steam-powered machinery to the advanced robotics and technology that the Vatican now controls becauseā€¦.

"If we can be seen we can be targeted"

Now, How did I get involved? I know. That's a question I'm asked a lot, A condemned little teenage rebel brat kid of 17 without a future becomes a scholar at 21 and then an Aesir warrior at 28 years in this world? yeah, you don't know the details, don't know who changed me, why it changed me, and what drove me against the Vatican. See we all know the legend a family of Italian descent, a brother, a sister, and a best friend and two dead parents, in a freak accident, the son goes into a deep sleep until the house gets attacked and before you know it they are an orphaned triplet going into an orphanage where they meet him-judas lastra, he's older by three years, stronger than and the reason a certain little boy is now under the roof of the Vatican eye instead of in a wooden coffin, trained against the worst of european nightmares-A butcher and eater of children, A vain teenage black widow who makes a deal with the devil, An albino girl forced to a tower always wanting to rest, and even a house that makes corpses without an attempt and even almost a island of corpses, yeah that's my path, but right now we're starting from the beginning, right now we are starting with me wanting to punch his lights out, or just about. he informs me the reason he full-on kidnapped me; he wants to build me up to be stronger, that he saw my potential. Now At first, I take a second stab at trying to punch his lights out so he locks me in the library and I cause as much destruction as I can, yeah, not my best moments. I eventually got tired, it was like solitary confinement for nerds, so I started reading. Judas knows how to reform, so each time my temper goes he's going to throw me in the library where I'm going to read, I don't get how he saw me become what I am now A warlock and an Asatru warrior, funny how I went from that Rebel brat to the warrior now, so here's me here's the "prodigal son