"Sadiki, Sadiki, SADIKI Scorpio, Nile, Krystile Sarah Nile Zahur," When you're in the midst of trying to locate someone lost you tend to realize how many names you gave them. After maybe fifteen min of screaming in the middle of the square, we realize that she's not going to pop up out of nowhere and scream "surprise" we had to find out where she was. "damn it Judas you blockhead why did you go ahead and give me this stupid mission?" I growled rather angrily as I was holding Judas around the neck. SMACK! I fell back to the ground, skidding a hard knock to my jaw making me spin a bit again, not wise I almost forgot who I was dealing with. I looked at him, slightly angry and He flicked his coat. Meanwhile, Kali was starting to really worry, and why not Sadiki was Kali's girlfriend. Why wouldn't she worry? she was trying to be strong, but it was clear she was really frightened for her girl's safety. Meanwhile, Judas was being way too chill about this and threw his cup in the sink and looked back at me "Welcome to the crash course Caleb, this happens often you want to gain those levels prepare to hit the ground running" I leaned up on my feet and look at Kali who was still looking around I leaned up on my feet and look at Kali who was still looking around I looked away, thinking hard about what to do but I can't, what brother would I be if I let my family die to the very challenges I'm learning to handle.

Finally I feel a hand on my shoulder and Judas is looking at me, and I am glaring at him, clenching my fist, but strangely he had a comforting look in his eye. "I am here as more than just a visitor Caleb, I'm also your aid mind if I help?" I look at him, then I feel someone take my hand and it's Kali, She's smiling at me and I smile and nod. "ok teach, whatcha got?"

"Are you serious judas? you want to do what?" I'm in disbelief at what this high experienced priest just asked me to do. "look what would Selena suggest? the same right? you are a good tracker Caleb, I am a good sensor, Kali is an excellent hand to hand fighter and likely a better tracker than you, and we have blood bonds, if we let her go track Sadiki might be found easier by her OR us and if WE find my sister we find him and we can take him down together" Judas was speaking fairly clear-headed for someone who just lost his sister in the middle of the night while a murderous demon was loose in the streets ``How can you expect me to let go of my sister why yours is missing?" I ask staring at him as if Judas grew a second head. "My sister is not worth being taken-"

"and mine is?" I'm stunned by his sudden outburst, the priest had high control, and now I feel guilty.

"Yes, we have to find Sarah, that's true but right now we have already stepped into the game and we can't back out. This is how the game is played; the creature is already hunting and the same will happen the next 300 times you play this game Caleb. Are you gonna freeze on the basics? on level 1?"

I can't help but clench my fist again he speaks with authority and wisdom, with a sigh l look out at the shadows and I look at Kali and hold her by both sides of her shoulders shes small, I forgot how much bigger I was to her but she was adult enough She lived on her own this long and likely had handled worst than this, she trained and she took me down without a second hesitation. She looked at me, a soft smile on her face as she twirled her finger in her scarlet-colored shoulder-length hair. "Ciaran I've been squatting in an abandoned house on the edge of town for five years, I think I can last the next thirty minutes without you don't you?" She slightly chuckled and her tail swung back and forth slightly as she "booped" my nose like a puppy, ironic considering she is kitsune. I smile and pull her close and hug her, and out of the corner of my eyes I see Judas tapping at his watch and he's right the longer we dawdle the likelier Sadiki will be harmed IF she was caught.