There some certain candies i like the most
And i'm ready to do something to get them at all cost
They are red and white with a yummy peppermint taste
And their dough looks like red and white toothpaste
They are eaten and licked on throughout the land
And i pray to god that these sticks will never get banned
When i lick on them, they remove all my pain
And Candy canes are their names

They make your tongue and mouth turn red
And i wish that they shall invent Candy cane bread
Screw licorice and screw crispy apples
They belong in a trash bin next to Whitechapel
Oh Candy canes, i love you so
I feast on you everyday, even your dough
Sausage is tasty, and sausage may be good
But you are best eaten outside in the woods

But what if you one day completely disappeared?
That day would be my biggest and greatest fear
I Pray everyday that this they will never come
But some say being in love with candies is really dumb
But i don't care since candy canes will always be there for me
With candy canes, I also feel alive and free