What is that deep stench of spirit that you taste in some people?
Have you ever seen the eyes of any musician or an artist, who's so passionate about what they do, and they're totally setting the stage on fire. Do you feel that intensity in their eyes? Do you feel that magic, that wild ecstasy, that total madness?
That madness that scratches that itch somewhere deep in you. That madness that momentarily liberates you somehow. Can you feel the weight of their personality?

Anyways, that is the deep stench I'm talking about.
The stench that comes from investing in one's own personality, deeply, patiently, and with pain.
The suffering that paints vivid colors and patterns onto the canvas of your persona.
The deeper the suffering, the deeper the stench, the deeper the persona-lity.
Or maybe the deeper the awareness of suffering, the, truer, deeper the personality.
(Is it true, then, that pain makes you a better artist?)

I understand many people suffer, but how mindful and honest are they about their suffering? How attentive are they to their suffering? Do you only acknowledge it in your weak and vulnerable moments?
Do you only realize it when you're amidst a typhoon of anxious thoughts rampaging across through mind, crushing your soul?
Is that it, is it just an uninvited guest?

True suffering, like any other suffering is only true when it's under observation, willingly or unwillingly. If it's just there, allowing you to ignore and move on with your life, are you really suffering?
It's undoubtedly true that there is suffering;
YOU ARE suffering, undeniably; but do you feel it's weight, truly? Do you feel that suffocation, that heaviness? Are you brave enough to face it, honestly and consciously?

((Not that I, the author knows any better about anything in life; at this point, the author is merely traveling with his thoughts, carrying along some words, to print out this essay.))

Suffering can only be eradicated, when it's understood; truly and deeply. Then, and only then can it be uprooted from its darkest and farthest reaches of the mind.

Feel the depths of your burning pain, burn in these flames of the suffering, burn down with it, burn down into ashes, and then rise from the fucking dead.
"Focus on the pain,
the only thing that's real."
Focus on your pain, on your burning longings, dive into the depths of your soul, fight through those stormy skies and hurling winds. Seek the truth. Seek your self.
Don't give yourself any opportunity for distractions. Keep the goal in your mind always.
Burn down!
Light yourself on fire!
Tear yourself apart!

The way out of suffering, is through suffering.
The strength to allow yourself to suffer, is the foundation for True Power.