It was a day and a night depending on where one was in the world that will forever live in infamy. The moment the world changed forever. Seemingly random spots around the globe were host to a strange fog that covered anything from just a few hundred feet to a few square miles. Scientists still do not know if the fog mutated animals and people that were inside it or were simply a byproduct of interdimensional doorways unleashing gigantic monsters onto the world. Great beasts who simply by existing defy the laws of physics and known biology. So many spots around the world suffered from this, some have claimed it to be a surprise attack from alien forces; however in the months since there has been no alien invasion; however each place has their own story to tell. For some it must have felt like the world was coming to an end, others a surreal nightmare or dream, some got lucky as what appeared was some lathargic behemoth or moved on. The sheer variety of the creatures has astonished scientists, some are small enough that physics and biology arn't that big of a problem, although they resemble some chimeric abominations with unnatural powers. Some are like creatures of myth, others twisted dinosaurs or other prehistoric looking monstrosities. As if to baffle us there are even some that look like giant rubber suit monsters, they'd fit right in some Tokusatsu show or old B-movie.

*first hand account.

My name is Richard Parker, fisherman by trade. We were the first to see her, I think. Its hard to really describe it how it felt at the time with all this after the events stuff I know now with the fogs and other monsters but I'll try. We were out off the coast of Maine not too far out, checking lobster traps when the thickest greyist fog we'd ever seen just appeared. There came a vibration through the boat, like someone playing music and it shaking everything, then came the loud splash and I could vaguely make out a shadow in the fog of something huge in the distance just as the wake from it rolled the boat about. I thought it had to be some whale breaching but then came the song. I can't really describe it, any one whose heard it will tell you the same just this melodious tune that you felt as much as heard and it just had this effect on several of the crew members. They were chanting, "Azu-aria, Azu-aria, Azu-aria," like cultists, their eyes were glazed over. We had to restrain them as they tried to throw some of the catch overboard and were afraid they were trying to leap over themselves. Thankfully enough of us weren't as affected, yeah there was this impulse to stay and listen, but as we saw that dark shape heading our way and realizing whatever it was, was shaped like a person swimming, we could make out a head with short hair and should and the indication of arms of a person dog paddling; but big as a whal, like just the head and shoulders as big as a whale. We took off towards shore, we were out of the fog real quick. Seeing the shoreline with the lighthouse and the house lit up not far off we started to relax. Not sure why we thought whatever it was would only be in that fog we could still still a few miles back but, I guess thinking about it you hear stories of like the Bermuda Triangle where boats and planes go through a mysterious fog or cloud and they get lost time or see strange things. But it didn't stay in the fog, the boat was suddenly raised up on a large wave as we saw it, its giant blue scale covered back swimming right past us, we could make out those purple quills it has for hair and those disturbingly almost human blue eyes poking above the waves and mostly human looking scale covered face. I, sorry, that really stuck with me. I didn't see the legs at first but I did see that long leaf like fin tail. I thought I was seeing a two hundred foot long mermaid.

When it got into the shallows the legs became more obvious, along with that human like backside, sorry; it just looked like a giant human woman covered in scales with a tail and quills instead of hair, but a little muscular and...sorry we've all seen it on the news I don't know why I'm describing it; just feels appropriate, my first impressions ya'know. I mean she propped her chin up on her arms revealing those fins on her forarms and that way too wide of a sharp toothed mouth smiled and sang again. This time people were coming out of their houses chanting that word, which yeah we've all taken to be her name "Azuaria", and dumping food either onto the dock or into her hand as she placed it just under the end of the dock. There is no way that much food was enough for it, but after what felt like hours but I think was less than an hour she scooted back into the ocean and vanished.

*Interview interrupted*

A loud commotion brings a crowd to the beach, the blue reptilian humanoid Azuaria comes violently to the surface grappling a creature that can only be described as a gigantic blue shark with muscular human arms and legs. The water splashes in fifteen foot waves as the two massive kaiju seperate. The shark kaiju's neck bends unnaturally for a shark as it stands hunched over. Azuaria stands bent over as well, a posture that looks less natural with her build and more like a person pretending to be a dinosaur. The massive shark roars, spitting out teeth like missiles. Azuaria brings her arms up to block with her fings before fanning out her massive fin like tail to block the odd assault. Behind her tail she is charging electric bolts between her hands focusing on an increasing in size blue orb between them. She thrusts her tail out of the way creating a powerful wind and then unleashing the electric blast from her hands. The shark kaiju staggers back into even more shallow water from the attack. Azuaria rears up, the purple quills on her head stiffen and glow with a faint redness, even becoming thicker and more crystal like. The shark kaiju lunges forward and punches Azuaria square in the chest with a right hook, her hard almost shell like breasts take the impact and actually damage the shark's hand forcing it to stagger back. Azuaria however was knocked backwards forcing her to roll in the shallow water before righting herself. Her crystal like hair still glowing she unleashes a blue laser like beam accomanied by a shockwave around it from her mouth that blast the shark kaiju in the torso. It lets out a massive roar before crashing backwards onto the beach unconcious. Azuaria lets out a massive shriek like an eagle to the heavens as a thick grey fog appears and envelops the shark. As the fog vanishes the shark is missing and everyone in the area can hear a voice in their own languages in their heads saying, "Sharkalypse loses, victory goes to Azuaria"

This was the moment when the people of Earth realized two things, those people who had been in the fogs when the kaiju appeared had heard a voice or elsewise were imprinted a name for each monster; although some so subtle they didn't realize it. And two, their world was playing host to a tournament between these kaiju, a global battle royal till the last one standing.