Leaving Neverland is a poorly made schlockumentary, featuring hours of emotionally manipulative, one-sided interviews, padded out with excessive drone shots. This guarantees that despite HBO's clear attempt to shock it's audience in airing this slanderous, fact-free, defamatory nonsense, watching this trash will insult the decency and intelligence of all but most ignorant devotes of fake tragedy porn, of the kind seen on trashy daytime talk shows or read in the most unreliable tabloid columns.

Politically motivated media in the MeToo era are unlikely to tell you the truth: watching this movie will either fill your head with easily debunked bullshit, or lull you into a boredom induced coma.

The Boys only claimed abuse years after his death, whilst facing financial issues. First, Robson was denied a chance to lead choreography for MJ's Cirque du Soleil show in 2011; he then sued the MJ estate for $ 1.2 billion. The lawsuit was originally filed under seal, meaning Robson tried to extract a settlement from the estate with zero publicity. The story only went public as Wade and Jame's filed an appeal, supported by the 'documentary.' Since filing their lawsuit, both men have shared the same lawyer, and, despite having a long time to get their stories straight, have repeatedly changed their stories, frequently telling directly contradictory versions of the same supposed events

In fact, Robson was caught lying under oath so brazenly, that the judge threw out his entire witness statement and stated that no rational juror could ever believe his account:

Between 2012 and 2014, Robson wrote two drafts of an abuse memoir and tried unsuccessfully to sell them to publishers. Meanwhile, he lied under oat hand said he had never discussed his allegations with anyone except his lawyers. Each draft revealed that his story of abuse had changed significantly from one draft to the next.

When Robson's emails were released to the court, they showed that he had been emailing himself links to old tabloid stories about abuse allegations, meanwhile constructing his own story of abuse.

Robson found one particular story from the early 1990's which specifically named he and his mother. He emailed it to his mother and asked whether it was true. She replied, 'Wow, none of that is true'. He then decided to include it in his story, anyway.

Robson was also ordered to produce his diaries as evidence. In them, he had written about how these allegations might rescue his failing career by making him relatable and relevant'. He also wrote, 'It's time for me to get mine".

In the documentary, Safechuck describes in graphic detail, how he "had sex" (an substitute for "raped" )with Michael almost everyday on the second floor of Neverland Train Station, at the beginning of their 'relationship'. (1988-1989). This is physically impossible, as the station didn't exist then. Permits were granted in 1993,and construction didn't finish until 1994.

Even if Safechuck 'mixed the dates', his sworn testimony states that abuse ended in 1992. Plus, by 1994, Jackson was married to Lisa Marie Presley and living in New York. Therefore the train story cannot be true, in any scenario.

Safechuck states that he was threatened and pressured by Michael's legal team to testify in the 2005 trial. This is a provable lie, as the judge ruled long before the trial started that Safechuck would not be used in the case. All testimony about Safechuck was literally banned from the courtroom. So Jackson's defense cannot possibly have pressured him to testify.

Some Other Mistakes In The "Documentary"

; James tells his mum the ugly secret in 2005 and she celebrates MJ's death in 2009. In 2014 court deposition, James figured out the abuse in 2013

; wrong pictures of MJ celebrating acquittal. He was in different clothes (unembellished black suit and white shirt) on acquittal day and didn't celebrate.'

89 Grammies was in LA not New York and MJ didn't perform; '

88 James Safechuck allegedly went with MJ for 'honeymoon' to Euro Disney. Euro Disney opened in '92

; mock interview of young James with Michael on airplane was shaved. 2013 court documents of that interview read, quoting MJ: "best thing about Hawaii, being with James Safechuck, "love your family and want to spend time with them". Michael did not only address James

Lurid and shocking details, including 'a wedding' are from a fictional book 'Michael Jackson Was My Lover' by Victor Gutierrez, who actively supported a vile child sex organization, and a long history of making up child sex accusations against famous figures in an attempt to "normalize" sexual abuse

; MJ sent intense loving messages to hundreds of people through out his life. He named a bedroom the Elizabeth Room after Elizabeth Taylor


Michael Jackson made a huge impact on the world with his charitable efforts, he received many humanitarian awards and even a world record for his donations of over $300M in life and $200M+ in his name since his passing. The soul of Michael Jackson, and the path to TRULY understanding him, is manifest in his verifiable charitable deeds.

Michael was shooting a video In Budapest (Aug 8 1994) when he and then wife Lisa-Marie Presley visited the Bethesda Children's Hospital where they met Bela Farkas. Bela was 4 years old and had been in hospital since birth. His mother abandoned him and his father rarely visited.

Bela was diagnosed with a congenital liver disease that discolored his skin, (MJ recalled that he was green in the face). The illness prevented him from digesting food and without a transplant he'd have a year to live. Michael and Lisa were heartbroken and refused to let him die.

The surgery he required was expensive and wasn't performed in Hungary, and with no parents to pay for it- impossible. Michael sent his Heal The World Foundation around the globe for a year until a liver was found, all $120,000 of the surgery was covered by his charity.

Not only did Michael cover the surgery, he paid for all of Bela's treatments for the next decade. The treatment cost $15,000 a month. After the surgery Bela's life changed dramatically, and he was adopted and finally grew up with a loving family.

When Michael returned to Hungary in 1996 with the HiStory World Tour, he once again reunited with Bela. Bela told Michael "You are like my dad. Thanks to you, I was born for the second time." he says Michael laughed and replied "Then you are my son."

Bela and Michael stayed in touch until Michael's passing in 2009. Michael sent Bela cards, birthday and Christmas gifts, and Bela answered with drawings and photos. When Michael passed away, Bela said he cried and felt as if he had lost his dad.

The facts reveal Michael Jackson was an amazingly talented man of astonishingly resilient and awesome moral character, deserving of praise, emulation, respect, and admiration

Michael Jackson was a kind man, who always put others before himself. He gave a lot of his money away, and never told anyone. He thought that charity should be done quietly, and not for personal gain. As a consequence, we will never know the true extent of his charitable deeds, though we will gradually learn more and more. For instance, we know from friends and family that he regularly but anonymously gave money to cover funeral costs for unsuspecting grieving families

He gave the world everything he had and more, never expecting anything in return, and never wavering in his convictions. I began researching Michael Jackson's life in 2006, before I ever heard a single song released under his name, reading every book, retracing each source, and every page of every legal document I could find. I grew to love the kind, sweet misunderstood man I read about. He showed me it was okay to be weird, and to live your life, no matter what anyone says, and that you should stand tall and always do the right thing, even if it kills you in the end. I survived sexual abuse as a child, an experience filled with a deep anger I cannot get rid of, but I personally am absolutely convinced Michael Jackson was the opposite of the monster the media painted him to be.

Leaving Neverland amounted a post-death lynching of Michael Jackson, who had to endure life dogged by the mob of public opinion and ignorant innuendo and misinformation spread knowingly and maliciously by the media obsessed with profit. They should be ashamed to have been in that mob, ignorantly supporting the proven liars, and calling his ABUSERS the victims.

"Why not just tell people I'm an alien from Mars. Tell them I eat live chickens and that I do a voodoo dance at midnight. They'll believe anything you say, because you're a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say "I'm an alien from Mars and eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance every night at midnight," people would say, "Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He's cracked up. You cant believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth.""

- Michael Jackson