"Joker" is a joke of a movie, an entire film insincerely deep and trolling it's audience into outrage and outrageous box office success for all the wrong reasons. It is an overlong Oscar-baity origin story/ character study of the most over-used character in the Batman cannon. It is cliched, predicable, and transparently pandering to pretentious peacocks successfully by parroting far better movies, which (SURPRISE!) most of them have not seen, even as it erases essential elements from the DNA of it's titular character. Joker," is like its namesake in that it is s a calculatedly combustible, mostly competent cocktail, a poisonous potion provided to stir up toxically political polemics on both sides and ride the wave of controversy to the top of the Box Office-a chaos driven scheme as worthy of the Joker moniker as Arthur Fleck is not. Instead of this trite, Nolan/Scorsese-esque crimeshit, smart potential viewers should re-watch Taxi Driver instead, because if backstage political drama is enough to make you flock to this flick and flood it with critical praise, you just might be as disappointingly relevant but as unrecognizably dumb as the the Joker in 2019.