Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a misnomer. It's not about one hero fighting another, not about the Dark Knight trying to pummel the Man of Steel. No, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie at war with itself. And it loses. Zack Snyder clearly wants to make Great Films, and he means for BvS to be about something, to make some commentary about courage in a cynical world (or whatever). But, like any superhero movie, it can be boiled down to "honesty and courage = good," so the ponderous shots of billowing capes and bullet casings falling in slow-mo aren't cinematic fillips-they're weight around its neck. This is where Batman v Superman falls apart. By succumbing to its try-hard tendencies, it loses all spontaneity. There are moments of joy, but they are far too few. Of its 151-minute running time, about 23 are truly enjoyable. In other words, one in six moments here is worth watching. With odds like that, it's a bad bet-no matter who's fighting.