So here is where Muddy meets Noah of Noah's Ark, no writing Biblical Figures is always tricky in Madeleine L'Engle's Many Waters Noah is depicted as a crotchety 'Knight in Sour Armor' he's good but he's also cranky while that is certainly an interesting take on Noah, Many Waters also had all Biblical Humans be four feet tall and they had mini-wooly mammoths as pets instead of dogs…So not exactly typical of most adaptations of Noah's Ark, but I am going to take that Noah was a maker of wine before God told him to build the Ark

Muddy found a rock near the waterfall, she climbed onto it, it was so close to the waterfall, the mist from the falling water would keep her skin hydrated because even though the sun was setting, the desert air was still too dry for an earthworm.

Muddy stared at her reflection in the water, she had come to realize what a hubristic idiot she was, writing fancy gibberish believing it would move the vertebrates to let her live on the surface, well seems God had heard her wishes and dreams, and showed her with this time travel experiment how inhospitable the surface world is to Earthworms, that without the modern convinces of air conditioning and iced drinks Earthworms could never live on the surface!

But more than that…Muddy had come to realize through this time travel experience just how unimportant she was in the grand scheme of things, she fantasized about fame and fortune, about being a Jet-Setting Business Woman and hearing the story of the Creation of the World made her realize just how small and insignificant she was, like the tiny Earthworm animal she was derived from…She began to cry…

Just then someone came walking among the fruit trees, a man, with long black hair and beard dressed in white robes…He was the keeper of this orchard…He was a maker of wines…As he was studying the trees to see they were still in good health his ears caught the distinct sound of a young maiden weeping…It did not sound like any of Maids in his family…He looked around, and he saw no humans…But upon closer inspection, near the waterfall lying on a rock, was the most gigantic Earthworm he had ever seen! It was as long as a man was tall! It the worm was the one who was weeping with a maiden's voice…

The Man was a little surprised but not shocked…For he knew that there were some animals who can speak with a human voice…And although he knew there was a law that prevented them from speaking to humans, this Man had a special connection to nature so he knew God would approve of him talking with this strange Earthworm.

Muddy was still crying, great slimy Earthworm tears, trickling down her snout into the water below, when suddenly the reflection of a human came beside her reflection in the water…Muddy gasped as she turned to see the human beside her! And she would have dove into the water to swim away if the Man had not said

"Fear not…I am not like other humans…You do not need to fear about breaking the law with me…Tell me Young Worm-Maid why are you weeping?"

"You're not like other humans?" Muddy asked "Who…Who are you?"

"My name is Noah." Said the Man "And you have come into my orchard and vineyard…"

"Noah?" Muddy squeaked that was one of the few Biblical figures she knew very well of, aside from her Noah's Ark book she liked to read on rainy days, she remembered when she first learned about the story of Noah's Ark from a cartoon she watched as a kindergartner, that cartoon was one that liked to take the piss out of everything, but like many Mizzer Humanimals, Muddy liked the tale of Noah's Ark for similarities it bore to their own ancestral tale of the Neo-Hippies bringing their ancestors to Mizzer on a Spaceship.

If she was meeting Noah than was the flood to come soon? Even if Earthworms don't drown Muddy was fairly certain she couldn't survive the strong torrents of the flood waters, her body would surely be shredded by such strong torrents so the next words that raced through her mind was 'I'm in danger'

I think I might have one more chapter of this story to upload and after that I'm gonna take a break from this story and begin working more on Pinky's story