So not much to say other than in this chapter a Humanimal finally turns into a Human.

Muddy of course had been born far too late to know about the False Prophecy at the beginning of Mizzer Humanimal Society that stated all Humanimals were to transform into humans, and yet part of her had a sense of it as Noah told her God said she must transform into a Human to complete her mission, Muddy had a sense that transforming into a human being was 'The Final Frontier' for Humanimals.

So it was with trepidation but also a bit of excitement that Muddy followed Noah into a cave where the miracle was to take place.

Noah poked a hole in the cave wall to allow a moonbeam to shine through, he instructed Muddy to lie down under the moonbeam, Muddy did so and instantly fell asleep, she dreamed she was back in her own bed on Mizzer, she felt her own blanket was wrapped around her again, all she saw was darkness, she would feel nothing, neither pain nor pleasure during the transformation.

Noah knelt down and prayed and as he did so, Muddy began to transform, once again all she experienced was her dream of sleeping in her own bed and all she saw was darkness, she experienced none of the sensations of her body sprouting limbs or or body forming bones!

Noah's family waited patiently outside the cave, finally Noah exited the cave and told his wife she may enter the cave to clothe the Worm-turned-Girl.

On the cave floor was a lovely girl of the age of ten, as Noah's Wife entered the Cave, the Moonbeam faded and Muddy found herself begin to awaken, her body felt heavier, part of that was because she had extra parts to her body in the form of four limbs but also the feeling of hard stuff inside her she knew had to be bones! The feeling of bones inside her was a terrifying prospect because she knew they were hard but also fragile, is this what a Ming Vase feels like?

She then realized she had the thing she had sometimes envied her Insect and Arachnid classmates for, being a limbless Worm she could only manipulate things with her mouth or with her prehensile tail, while she managed most of the time there were limits and since her classmates were Insects and Arachnids they either had four or six arms!

Muddy lifted the new heavy body parts on the sides of shoulders and gazed in amazement! "I have arms!" She exclaimed "With hands...And fingers!" She wriggled her fingers amazed to see each tiny digit was capable of moving independently of the others!

"Yes." Noah's Wife said as she came in with a white robe for Muddy to wear "They are a lovely pair of arms, now let's get you dressed..."

After waiting a while, out of the cave came a ten year old girl, but the way she was walking, she was tottering as stiffly as a baby learning to walk to the first time!

To Muddy walking was terrifying! Having slithered all her life, to her walking was like having the trunk of your body which contains all your important organs, suspended in air, on a pair of stilts.

She collapsed on her hands and knees on the bank of the river and she saw her reflection for the first time! She was amazed how beautiful she looked! She feared some part of her worm anatomy would remain and make her quite ugly, but no, instead she had the most delicate pale skin! Her blue eyes shone in her pale face, and most amazingly she had pink hair the color of her Worm Skin!

Obviously some echos of the The Little Mermaid when Ariel first becomes human are in this chapter