OK here we introduce our Heroine

On the Planet of Mizzer where Bio-Engineered Animals called Humanimals have been living like it's the 1990s for five thousand years in the original fertile valley where the Earthlings first landed in the underground invertebrate community of Mudville, there lived a young Earthworm-Girl named Muddy.

Muddy was a quiet, introverted creature and she had odd tastes for a Humanimal; she actually liked the 'Pretty Princess Ponies at Work 'computer game. Game in sort of the loose definition of the word, because all you can do is either dress up a Pretty Princess Pony either for work or for a date (And you don't actually see them on the date, just standing outside their house when a car pulls up. You can pack their bag with office supplies for work, and when the Pretty Princess Pony is at the office she'll just sit their motionless the things you can do is change the screensaver on her computer, play a song on her radio, move office supplies around the room, change the time of day so you can see what the office looks like during the day, evening and night and finally what Muddy seemed to do the most of make stationary to print out.

Many Humanimals like arts and crafts, they would just rather not do it in the cage known as an office.

Muddy's younger sister Pinky expressed confusion, at her sister's fondness for the game.

"It's nothing!" Said Pinky "It's just…Pretty Princess Pony sitting in her office!"

"I know." Muddy said "Kind of Zen isn't it?"

Meanwhile in the Secret Scientist Satellite, since the Scientists did not state what kind of test they were doing the Government didn't know what kind of Humanimal they needed to send so they didn't want to send anything pretty or valuable so they just sent an Old Flea-Man and hoped it would be sufficient.

So the Scientists placed the Flea-Man in the Experiment Chamber and aimed the time traveling beam at him, for a moment it seemed to work the Insect-Man was being sent to the time destination they programmed for…Then the Flea-Man was being sent back! Really fast! The Flea-Man returned to the chamber a twisted mess, dismembered limbs and organs everywhere! No way was the creature still alive!

A message appeared on the walls of the experiment chamber


So yeah defiantly borrowed that from Aladdin but didn't know how else to phrase that but that's not all I borrowed from the Message Being Written on the Wall is a reference to the Palladium Game Transdimensional TMNT (Not the episode of the 2012 series, this game debuted in 1989 when Lord Simultaneous tells the tale of how he tried to get past the Third Millennium Barrier only to be knocked out and find the message written all over his room 'BUZZ OFF' and because I felt I couldn't use the trademarked Barbie in a Fictionpress story I chose to use the Humanimal Equivalent called Pretty Princess Ponies which is basically a cross between My Little Pony and Babrbie